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LIRR after Mets game - extra train not on schedule?


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Usually I take the subway to Mets game, but today we went with my fiance's parents, so we decided to take LIRR. I know that the LIRR runs an extra 'Mets' train *to* Citi Field about an hour before gametime, as specified on their schedule.


However, leaving Citi Field today, the regularly scheduled LIRR trains to Manhattan were 4:06 and 4:37.


We were walking down to the platform at ~4:25 PM, when a NY bound train pulled up. We got on and it sat there for about 10 minutes, until just a minute or two before the 4:37 should arrive, when it left for NY. This couldn't've been the 4:37 so early because it then would have left all the previous stations way before it was scheduled to.


Does the LIRR hold an extra train for right after the game? That they don't officially admit or schedule?


If so, why don't they advertise that? That's a great bonus. If not, then what was that?

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See the very good discussion on railroad.net that my question prompted:



(the short answer, yes, the LIRR does have an extra, unlisted train after Mets game, at least when demand justifies it)


& when it doesn't the train simply deadheads to west side yard. :cool:


- A

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