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Ah, the infamous R32 (:) train. I remeber seeing and riding it on the (:) back in 2006.


What? Why would that be bad?


I feel bad for the motorman he's probably saying damn it they gave me this crap I wanted an R68a


Back then R68A's didn't run on the (B)

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to KnightRider3099, the R32s are not bad. they made railfanning on the Brighton Line fun, being one of the fastest, strongest, and best looking cars in the system. at the time the photo was taken, R68As were on the (N)(Q)(W) while the (;) used R40/40M/42s and trust me, its operators would have loved the R32s more than those St. Louis junks, especially since the Coney Island R42s had the worst brakes in the system. I enjoyed seeing those sleek and shiny railcars during my final six months at Murrow, but too bad it was short lived because when summer time came and more R160s went to Coney Island, any R32s left there were sent to Jamaica to retire the GE R32s and the crappiest Phase II cars while the Coney Island R42s were sent directly to the ocean. anyway, here is an R32 (:) photo i took. little did i know that would be the last time i would ride on one:



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