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Whippany Railway Museum

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On Sunday my uncle and I went to the Whippany Railway Museum. Many props to the volunteers/staff there for maintaining such a clean museum site. The cars there were kept in excellent condition.






















...and as usual, we leave the best for last *cue foam*






Thanks 'fer lookin! :cool: (as for whether or not this belongs here...it seems like the most fitting place - NJ railroad history).

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Thanks guys!


Is that a Comet in the background of the third picture?


I think so. I'm not up on things that aren't NYCTA/LIRR; I bet Andy or Ken could give you a better answer.


There were fliers around the museum advertising caboose rides...I suppose they lash up the 6 or 7 cabooses (cabeese?) to the RS-1 and go for a few foamy trips up and down the spur.

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Those are Comets. The Morristown and Erie keeps them there. They are used on excursions from the musuem among other things, the M&E also stores alot of private cars there as seen from your photos.



Those are Comet I low doors also known as "sliders".

Heres a shot I took not so long ago at the museum of 1:


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