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To answer that question:

-Southbound express track, near the double crossover before entering Union Square

-4 train

-Summer 1991, I believe


There was a GO that evening, all southbound express trains had to run local between 14th and Brooklyn Bridge. The T/O was apparently unaware and went through the tight switch at normal speed. The switch could not handle high speeds, thus the train ended up smashing the wall, causing disruptions up and down the line.

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What happened was:


-T/O showed up to work drunk.

-Dispatcher gave him a train without making sure he was compatent.

-T/O was speeding and also overran a couple stations.

-C/R did not pull him out of service because he didn't think he could.

-There was a GO sending trains local between 14th and BB

-Tower operator did not make sure T/O approached the switch at a safe speed.

-T/O was speeding again, still drunk

-T/O took a switch meant to be taken at 10 MPH at 40 MPH, and left the rails

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For further reading on the Williamsburg Bridge collision read the NTSB report.


For the derailment at Fort Hamilton Parkway on the West End see this report.


I can't seem to find one about the Union Square crash, but it I find it I'll post it.


That should be a Thank You for you!



And notice how the Fort Hamilton Parkway collision included an R40S and an R40M.

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