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Anybody remember this bus on New York Bus Service?


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There are actually 6 of them, and they are very much still alive. I have a pic of the former 1801 as 7424.


Upon takeover, the buses actually had a white wrap applied to the sides, but wound up going in very quickly for repainting.

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I drove 7428 on the BxM1 & 4A, a woman got on at 70 St & 3 Av and stopped and asked "Is this the BxM1?" I replied yes. She said "But the seats are different is this the BxM1?" I once again answered "yes, ma'am" "but the seats are different", a passerenger finally said lady you're holdin' up the bus this the 1". Another woman behind her said "didn't read the sign" she actually said "yes, but the seats are different is this the BxM1". Some people so weird. I picked that woman up every night for a year and she was actually confused by seats. Well, Yonkers has most of them now. I will try to take them out whenever I can. DD series60 on the White Palins Rd or the concourse? Any takers?

Disclaimer: Yes the seats will be different(NYCT)

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