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Sky Trolley BRT

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This looks like an interesting concept to me. They advertise it as costing less in money and time due to the fact that it's pre-fabricated before being erected. Although no time soon, I think this might be an eventual evolution for some of the more crowded Manhattan corridors, although I don't think there's room for the type of stations in the video. I'm sure if this were to be seriously implemented, it would be advantageous for large buildings to have stations "built-in."


I could see there being a downtown-loop type scenario, and some lines going as far as midtown. Then maybe a line spanning the Bklyn bridge if we wanna get into some really, really wishful thinking.

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what does that remind you of?


seriously, this is an off the self train desgin merged with the DUMBEST idea I've ever seen. that station design is not only stupid, it's down right dangerious. elivator jams, the train doesn't know. the doors open, some idiot isn't looking... I'll let you fill in the rest.


the whole system is based around the idea they can predict pasenger travel and usage patterns to such a degree that they can keep the number of people per train at thier preset limit. that's just not a good operating plan.

I was saying the same thing

1. That is almost a copycat of the SkyBus plan of India's

2. There are many security issues


And also, there must be a manufacturer to build this kind of vehicle. And the operator must order a sufficient amount of vehicles such that if one breaks down, there could be another. And this thing is really messed up, if one breaks down, the entire system shuts down. A high crane must be placed in order to fetch the vehicle down. Maintenance is costly too, given the fact it's unique.


A good amount of physics, brainwork, balls and money must be needed to build a vehicle that can straddle 30 feet in the air with 300 people in it. I don't think many people would like that. I'll stick to subway or LRT.

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