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    NYC Transit Forums provides the services to you, the visitor, based on its Terms of Service (TOS) outlined here. When using the services provided by NYC Transit Forums, you are subject to these posted terms. Usage of the services on this site indicates acceptance of these terms. The TOS may be changed at any time and without direct notice to individual visitors, so it is recommended that you check back with this page whenever you have questions or concerns.

    »Rules of the Forums«


    In order to view messages on the NYC Transit Forums message boards without user restrictions, no registration is required or necessary. In order to post messages on the boards, and use other advanced services, you must register with NYC Transit Forums. Provision of a valid e-mail address is needed to validate your account and to permit recovery of your account information should you forget your password.

    NYC Transit Forums does not require you to use your real name or other identification that can be easily traced to you, and the e-mail address you provide will be kept private. In order to register on NYC Transit Forums, registrants must be 13 years of age or older. NYC Transit Forums does not knowingly collect any information from any users under 13 years, and if it is found that an underage user has fraudulently registered, their account will immediately be suspended.


    By viewing the site content, you agree that all content on the NYC Transit Forums message boards is the responsibility of the person from which the content originated. You agree that neither NYC Transit Forums nor its sponsors or affiliates are responsible for all content that you personally post or upload. NYC Transit Forums does not directly control any content posted on the boards, and does not guarantee the truthfulness or quality of any content.

    You agree that while using the NYC Transit Forums message boards, you may be exposed to content that is offensive or objectionable, and that you will in no way hold NYC Transit Forums nor its sponsors or affiliates liable in any way, shape, or form for any harm or loss that may come to you or others as a result of viewing this content. NYC Transit Forums is not responsible for screening content before it is posted, although an offensive language filter is installed on the system that will reject certain posts that may contain certain words deemed offensive or used most often in an offensive way.


    Users are solely responsible for protecting their accounts from access by others. You are strongly encouraged to select a hard-to-guess password and not re-use that password on any other sites where it may be read by the owners or administrators of that site.

    It is not acceptable for users to maintain multiple accounts on NYC Transit Forums, NYC Transit Forums can and does track multiple shared accounts from a single or multiple computers. If the TOS is violated severely enough to warrant the banning of one account, all known accounts shared between a single or multiple users who use the same computer may also be banned for the actions of the violating account at the administrators' discretion.

    Because of this rule, it is highly recommended that board users do not share their accounts with others, nor share their computers used to access the site with others, as the actions of some other person could easily directly impact all known shared message board accounts.


    NYC Transit Forums is a non-commercial site staffed by volunteers, and cannot provide a binding guarantee of privacy to its members (except as required by law). However, we try to protect our members' privacy as far as is reasonable.

    Visiting any website will expose your IP address to that website. We may store members' IP addresses indefinitely for record-keeping purposes. We may also use services such as advertisements and analytics scripts to fund the operation of the site, let us run it more effectively, or for any other reason. Visitors' IP addresses may be exposed to the providers of those services to allow them to function, and we have no control over how this information is used.

    As is customary on web forums, we permit members to hotlink images and other media from other websites, for convenience and to reduce our bandwidth costs. Anyone viewing a page with a hot linked file will necessarily have their IP address exposed to whatever site hosts the file. All of the foregoing also applies to other possibly identifying information, such as User-Agent strings.

    NYC Transit Forums uses cookies for a variety of purposes. Cookies are necessary to allow users to log in to the forum and the wiki. They are also used to compile publicly-viewable statistics such as "Who's Online", to allow moderators to track violators of the rules, and possibly for a variety of other purposes. Browsers will typically accept cookies by default from any site they request content from, so any site that a NYC Transit Forums page includes content from might also set cookies.

    Some information (for instance, e-mail address) is deliberately submitted by members and is not publicly viewable. This information may be kept indefinitely, but will not normally be given out to third parties or posted publicly. Sending e-mail using the forum or wiki might reveal the sender's e-mail address to the recipient.

    NYC Transit Forums does not normally send unsolicited bulk e-mail. Automated or bulk e-mails are normally sent only to members who have opted in to thread subscriptions or other features. Members may opt out of these features by altering their forum preferences. Moderators and administrators may send personalized, non-bulk e-mail to members on occasion regardless of preferences.

    Users who would like a greater degree of privacy should configure their browser appropriately. Some popular browsers can be configured not to accept cookies without confirmation, not to save cookies for some sites, not to load files from some sites, etc. Users who disable features of their browser might not be able to fully use the site (e.g., some cookies are necessary to allow login).


    Infractions of the terms of service are tracked using the infraction system, which allows moderators to record incidents in a reliable and centralized fashion. All such records of infractions are viewable in the user's profile to moderating staff and the user in question, but no one else.

    Warning Points: Warnings are given when a member commits an offense (other than a very mild one) when the member should already know the rule in question, such as if a moderator has previously discussed that type of offense with them. Warnings expire after three months and contribute toward a member's warning level. How many levels an offense is worth can be found in the Member Conduct section in (parentheses). Whether to give the first or second number, if applicable, is up to moderator discretion.

    User Submitted Reports: Reports are created by members of this community anonymously. They are simply a record of that contact to the staff about an action of a member on the website. and do not contribute toward a member's warning level. They are recorded both to let other moderators know that the user has been informed of the particular rule, and to give the user a record of all contacts with moderators they have had.