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  1. Are those subway trolleys? So some sectors of Market Frankford line runs 24/7

    Well I will run down the trolley system below. As for the Market Frankford, the line itself runs overnight but between 12:30am and 5:30am the line is operated by bus instead of train. The pilot program in place now is to allow the party-goers that go out on weekends to have a safe commute home - as apparently it's safer to sit in a train car by yourself isolated from society where anyone can attack you and get away with it than it is to be able to call the operator and have him help you within seconds... but that's none of my business...




    The 10, 11, 13, 34, and 36 are the subway-surface trolley lines, run with popular single-ended Kawasaki LRVs




    The route 15 is the only true streetcar line, running 100% on the Street. This line is operated with rebuilt PCC cars with the occasional bus thrown in.



    The route 101/102 are suburban light rail lines watered down to trolley standards (because locals refused to accept anything that wasn't a trolley). These lines operate double ended Kawasaki LRVs with pantographs instead of trolley poles and suburban style seating.


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  2. Wow look at that breakdown on the SEPTA bus fleet! Good stuff!

    Thanks. Not a lot of people know (or understand) SEPTA's bus fleet, so I figured why not post it. This way in the future, anyone can find it. 



    I hope SEPTA Market-Frankford Line and Broad Street Line goes 24/7 eventually, join PATCO.

    Same here. But at least they're trying... and also at least they have bus service along those lines so no one is stranded even if they don't.

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  3. does anyone know what brand bus does SEPTA use? i like the way they purr.

    Your question has multiple answers.. Sorry for bumping an old thread but I think many members would like to know the answer. Not just you, so I figured... why not educate everyone...


    The oldest buses in the fleet is the 1997 NABI 416.08TA buses, numbered in the lower 5000 series (5001-5400 specifically). These buses are powered by a Detroit Diesel Series 50 275HP engine and an Allison B400R 4-speed transmission. These buses run surprisingly well for their age, but since the 40 foot LFSs are coming in quick, SEPTA has already retired 3 of the remaining 91 buses from service



    Second oldest, yet the raggedy-iest buses in the fleet, is the 1998-2000 Neoplan AN460A Articulated buses (numbered 7101-7255), Powered by a Detroit Diesel series 50 320HP engine, and an Allison B500R 5-speed transmission. So far, SEPTA has only retired 1 Neoplan (7195) from revenue service...



    Third oldest, technically, are the 2000-2001 Eldorado Transmark RE-29 buses (4501-4581). All the Eldorados are powered by the Cummins ISB 6.7L engine and an Allison B300R 5-speed transmission. Previously these buses ran all over the city and the suburbs on low ridership lines. Now these buses run exclusively on routes 310 (Horsham Breeze) and 316 (LUCY)



    Okay now this is where things get confusing. The bulk of SEPTA's fleet consists of New Flyer D40LF buses. 

    The 2000-2002 coaches (numbered 5401-5600) are powered by a Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine and an Allison B400R 5-speed transmission

    The 2003 D40LF's (5613-5712) are powered by a Cummins ISL 280HP engine and an Allison B400R 5-speed transmission

    The 2004-2005 D40LF's (5713-5830, 5851-5950, and 8000-8119) are powered by Cummins ISL 280HP engines and ZF Ecomat 592-6HP transmissions

    Follow that so far? 



    There is also a small fleet of electric New Flyer buses numbered 800-837. These run exclusively on the 59, 66, and 75 lines


    Okay now it won't be as-confusing.... The hybrid fleet consist of 4 different models: The New Flyer DE40LF, The New Flyer DE40LFR, and two different sizes of the NovaBus LFS (40foot and articulated)



    First the Flyers... Both the DE40LFRs and the DE40LF have the Cummins ISL 280HP engines and the Allison H 40 EP HybriDrive system.

    The older 2002-2004 DE40LFs with the original battery pack are numbered 5601H-5612H and 5831H-5850H. These are the ONLY buses in SEPTA's fleet that have a rear-mounted HVAC system.



    The newer DE40LF with the smaller battery pack and rooftop HVAC system is numbered 8120-8339. Local transit fans affectionately refer to these as "second gens" pointing out that it is a new generation of DE40LF with a different appearance.




    The Newest Flyers, the DE40LFRs, are numbered 8340-8559. These buses are simply referred to as restyles, as they are the only "Restyles" in the fleet (since the 800 series buses are trackless trolleys, no one anywhere calls them restyles)





    And we have our newest buses, the NovaBus LFS HEV (both 40 foot and articulated models) The LFS 40 footers are supposed to arrive by the end of this year. The LFS Articulated HEV's are powered by a Cummins ISL 330HP engine and an Allison H 50 EP HybriDrive system. However like the previous 40 foot hybrids, the LFS 40 footers are powered by a Cummins ISL 280HP engine and an Allsion H 40 EP HybriDrive system. 



    Since the Champion/Chevorlet cutaways aren't really seen regularly, I didn't include them in this listing. Once again, sorry for bumping this thread. I just figured some people would actually want to know a thing or two about the fleet...



    **Note: All pictures taken by me

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  4. The "Bus" you took a photo of is not bus at all, but one of the Original PCC trolley cars that date back to the 1940s...


    Also, old train you took a photo of was one of the Original Market Street El Cars



    1 more thing, Philadelphia Trolley works does NOT operate the bright red vehicles. That's another private operator...



    Anyways, nice trip and glad you enjoyed it in Philadelphia...

  5. Excellent, excellent and excellent!
    Why tank yew


    Awesome pix man :tup:. Hopefully I get some shots in when I head down to Cherry Hill Thursday.
    The fall leaves look nice over there! I'd reccomend it!!




    Slammin pics!
    I don't want them to slam peoples too hard lol jk thanks B)

  6. Nice shots!


    What day was it? How busy was the River LINE?

    This was today! And the RiverLine had it's trips where it got busy but for some reason when they have 2-car operation there's not as many people riding!

    Thanks btw!!

    Cool pics and vids!
    Why thank yew B)


    very nice


    Yes thanks B)

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