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  1. I was walking eastbound on 163rd street when I spotted 4601 it had no depot stickers, and the windows were covered up it looked like it was packed with people, and it was sporting a bx66 sign with 2 mta vans trailing it. Can anyone tell me what this is.

  2. ***If this has not been mentioned earlier and I was not sure which thread had this information so PLEASE be kind...***


    This information comes from "Gold12th" on SubChat:


    MTA is ordering 90 buses each from NovaBus (The LFS), New Flyer (XD40) and Orion (Daimler...I think that's how you spell it. Oh and it's the EPA VII10 model)


    All three buses will be going to...


    - Castleton Depot, Staten Island

    - Queens Village Depot, Queens

    - Ulmer Park Depot, Brooklyn


    30 buses each. MTA will test these buses for the next bus purchase.


    Thank you for the info. I'm tired of riding the ng's B)

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