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About this blog

Log of the creation of a home-made led-matrix arrival board running of the MTA GTFS api. 

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Data Flow

This project isn't dead! In fact the sign works fine. I have two of them in my apartment that survived a move and work for a new station now. The issue is, I'd like this to be more of a "look what you can make!" than a "look what I made" so, I'd like this to be a standalone project that can be built by anyone. Right now, the sign relies upon an external server feeding it data by looking at the subway real time feed, parsing and interpreting the data and sending information through various MQTT t



Subway Sign Build Log - Overveiw

Inspired by the overpriced and underdelivered NYCTrainSign, I set out to build my own home made arrival board. I'm going to document the process, hopefully eventually sharing my code and providing instructions so that anyone can make their own!



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