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  1. Yes the Q train is a good alternative. Thanks. I forgot about that route because I usually sit in the 2 train right until penn station. But the Q train would require me to get out of the station and walk 1 block and at 11 PM, I'm not sure how safe that is!! But, atleast for this week - i am open to trying this alternative. Also, since the 5 is going to run late night, I won't have any issues I believe - I will transfer to the 2 at Nevins street(uptown)
  2. Yes, I did check the mta changes but nothing was mentioned about the 5 train from flatbush avenue/brooklyn college to atlantic avenue . so I was wondering if the 5 train would run or the shuttle buses would run(or may be i missed it) Thanks again.
  3. EXACTLY! 10 PM is still a lot of people on the subway. Anyway, I'm glad this will get done soon rather than a 1 or 2 month thing.
  4. So no 1,2, 3 train for this whole week night, isn't it? I need to get from Brooklyn College(2,5) to penn station ( 10 30 pm). So does this mean the 5 will run at night(usually only the 2 runs on that route late night)? I'm sorry for such a naive question:o

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