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  1. The variety is fantastic! But do any of them have the 'upper level' in the back? William D. Boyce, btw, was an accomplished newspaper publisher and the founder of the Boy Scouts of America and was a native of what is now Plum, PA, in greater Pittsburgh.
  2. It wasn't THAT old... only a few months. People have contributions to make, and I'm one of 'em: LANta is still using a BUNCH of New Flyers from 1998. (To me 10yrs is too old.)
  3. ...home of a similarly-named railway and an improving minor-league baseball team that has reached the playoffs for the first time ever. I'm in my early 50s and, unbelievably, choose not to drive a vehicle. I've known about the local transit system, now called LANta, since its origins in the early 70s, and about commuter trains since they tried to get something going with Philadelphia's SEPTA about ten years after that. You'll probably find me in the "outside of NY" forums more often than not. I have seen the "thanking" feature in other boards using this software, and if anyone can explain to me how to use that specifically, you're welcome to contact me privately.
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