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  1. Anyone know if the October class was A or B Division?
  2. Okay guys, let's focus on the topics. So folks in training, how is it going???
  3. Trust me my friend...I am really hurting. As long as I'm in, I'm okay...I been patient all this time....
  4. I got called yesterday to come in for my physical today because they had one more spot for the Sept 26th training. There are several folks on medical hold that are wont be able to be placed on Monday's training. The only reason was because they needed to fill the spot. I would have gone do my medical and final processing and pending if I was fine I would have been giving the last spot for Monday's training....Some lucky person after me probably got the call after I decline. I have to wait for October 31st instead. If they need to fill a spot they will call you like that. I know someone in 3rd Rail that was called on the spot like that.
  5. So let me share my heartbreaking story which I may kick my self for but I made peace with. I get the call yesterday to the start on monday. I would do the final processing today. Problem is I have to give notice at work, don't want to burn any bridges. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! There are people on medical holds and my list number is 312 and they needed to fill one more spot. So I declined but she did confirm that I will be in the October class. So it's happening people! We have to be super patient.....:cry:
  6. I called 347-643-8500. It starts off automated, listen to the prompts and it will take you to a live person. Can you post what the last list # of hire is when you call? Hoping it is moving right along. B)
  7. OH MAN! That would be an awful thing to happen!
  8. So for my fellow seasoned Conductors, can you break down to me what a basic day in the life of a conductor is like. Challenges, things to avoid, things that make it worth while (I know the paycheck helps). Any input would be much appreciated as I am very curious...:tup:
  9. How do you like it? What are your challenges? Thanks for the tips. Congratulations and good luck in all your travels.
  10. They have established an October 31st Class. You might be able to confirm at this point if you are on the call back for this class. Give them a call.
  11. Gotta agree with you there, especially with our numbers being so close. I still will be weighing my pros and cons up until I get the phone call....
  12. Have they established an October class yet???

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