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  1. i always wanted to work for transit,and was just curious,but sorry for annoying people-will keep my questions to myself!
  2. Can a customer complaint actually hurt a bus operators record? Do they investigate the b/o?
  3. If a customer has a complaint,against an mta t/o,conductor or customer service employee,do these complaints go on the employees records or actually investigated?
  4. What's going on with the bx-12 sbs? Everytime you see people that don't have a receipt and just board,especially at fordham plaza going both ways, i know they don't have receipts because they run out of nowhere and get on the bus without going to the kiosk! A few months ago the mta were hiring for a group of people that would issue a summons, i believe they were to have arresting powers also. It goes on at the height of rush hour, you also see people that get off of metro-north and just get on without receipts,if the mta is having a money shortfall then start arresting these people!
  5. If a bus operator constantly pulls in late to depot, is he written up? What about if they are tied up in traffic? I know bx-15 is a long route and it is in traffic on 125th street everyday.
  6. If trains go into emergency and brake is pulled, does conductor reset brake in that train car in which it was pulled? What is train operator duty if brake is pulled? I remember when redbirds were around the conductor would go from train car to train car looking for which brake was pulled, is that the same procedure for the train cars now?
  7. thanks for the info lirr 154, by the way did you hear anything about when the next car appearance training class is?
  8. is it a seperate posting for oiler jobs, or can you move up from car appearance maintainer?
  9. Do lirr car appearance maintainer's also have oiler duties? How do you become a oiler?
  10. Is a platform conductor a usual pick or only if they need them all of a sudden?
  11. welcome to forum,enjoy!
  12. I ride the bx-15 bus frequently and i took the bx-15,all the way from fordham plaza to the last stop,about 125 street and 12th avenue manhattan- why can't they make a bx-15 limited bus.i think a limited route will make the line more faster.
  13. I was watching a movie called the french connection and a guy took over the train operators compartment, the motorman had a heart attack,and the train went out of control, i think a train operator has a control called the deadman's switch,meaning if his hand is removed from the switch,the train is to stop,am i correct?
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