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  1. It depends officially it takes may be 6 months to 1 year. but if u were called for a provisional job they have access to the results way before that and can let u know.
  2. Anybody had any luck with appealing the results of an exam . I think im gonna appeal mines cause the more I think about it it dosent seem right to me im pretty sure I did better. Something dosent seem right I mean im an electrician for the last 5 years just can't see how I didn't qualify . May be im missing a piece in this puzzle.
  3. thnks harryo714. i definately will not give up and will be on the lookout for anything tht comes up. ,
  4. Looks like my journey is over, i called and they said that my name didnt appear on the passing list for the practical in january ,,Just wow unbeliveable to be so close then have it taken away . must be some bad luck i guess. They must grade the test pretty hard im pretty sure i did everything right on at least 2 of the tables. im just dumbfounded. i guess if i had taken the test a month later i would have been get in as a provisional ,, tht sucks . their method of hiring seems to be a little flawed,, well goodluck to everyone else.
  5. Just curious what happens if youre hired for provisinal but didnt pass this years practical? are u really get laid off in the future or thats a rumour.
  6. ok cool, thanks for the info,,will do.
  7. Are they still hiring provisionals. Im still waiting for my 3rd call back. :0 I did all the medicals and physical s already but I think my piss test is expired. They say medical is good for 1 year. Bye the way How do u like it so far . Wht yard are u at.
  8. ok cool thnks for the info, I dint wear glasses for the first table :0 didnt realsie we were gonna be evaluated on tht as part of the test . oh well only time will tell on how i did .
  9. Seems a little confusing to me if theyre already calling at list number 70 cause my list number is 60 something and im still waitng for the 3rd call back as the last time i went for the second interview someone came back from medical and the class was filled . May be i will get a call soon. Last time i called they said they were hiring of the 2606 list now , wht a bummer. hey did u get any info on if u passed the practical . im a lil worried about tht cause i didnt fifnish the wiring i got down to the last wire do u know if thats a pass or fail. how do they score it do u get partial credit or is it just a pass or fail thing. how many people do u figure they will need for the overhaul .
  10. Anyone have any new info about the the hiring of people of the 3604 list. Looks like thyre finished hiring provisionals and now only hiring from another exan 2606 , who knows when they are gonna be fiished with that list i guess were all on hold until may be next year when tht list is exhausted. tht sucks.
  11. Anyone took the pratical test this week. I took it a few days ago it was not tht easy basically i dont think i had enough time and didnt finish the one to wire the circuit i got dwn to the last wire,, damm. Im also not sure about the troubleshooting circuit with the diodes and led ,,the way i see it there were 2 bad diodes and a bad led. the valve was no ttht hard i think i got tht one no problem Wht about u lyolik how do u think u did on the practical.
  12. Wht kind of valve? Any other updates on the process. How is class going ?
  13. layloma dont worry for sure u will be in the next class whenevr tht may b.
  14. I dont think were gonna see an official list for atleast another few more months but u should be able to get an idea where u stand by checking the answer key on the mta website . People tht got between 1 and 5 queatios wrong have already been called up for appointment and thyre now doing people who got between 5 to 10 , don't ask me how i know but lets just say i had less than 10 ,,lol
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