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  1. S&D means signals and definition. no whistles, buzzers and hand signs. They will tell you what to study when you go to the overview. good luck
  2. wear something comfortable. you will do the things jh said. not sure about safety shoes though. its been a while for me.
  3. not 100% sure but i think they start checking after you pass s&d. in my old job it cost at least $400 per person to do background check.
  4. If you get invited to the open house.Congrats! DO NOT BE LATE! Make sure what ever you put on your resume adds up and you can back it up if they ever question it. Do your best to pass the cognitive test. its not a matter if you finish the test or not. more like how many correct answers you get in the time given and how you follow charts. If you pass the test and get to the interview. think safety first and customer service in most situations. wait, wait, wait, wait... it sucks but at least they didn't say you're out. If you get invited for the S&D overview... DO NOT BE LATE and dress to impress. listen to the instructors, take notes. ask questions if you have to (i usually say there are no stupid questions. then i started working trains. LOL. then customer service experience kicks in) STUDY, STUDY, STUDY... its doable as long as you put in the time and really depends on how you want the job. If you are currently employed do not resigned. study on you own time or take a leave if you have to. i was working, going to school and studying for S&D when i did it not to mention still accomplishing my responsibilities to my wife and kid. If you pass the S&D and get to the panel interview... again think safety first and customer service. wait, wait, wait, wait... hey at least you're still in it. Good Luck to all... it will be all worth it in the end. disclaimer: this is how the process was when i started a little over 5 years now.
  5. new class started today but i only see 10 guys on the roster
  6. i think if you don't show up they make a notation on your file or even just toss that file...
  7. i'm pretty sure the first thing they look for a candidate is being punctual
  8. so far 4 classes in 2018. i would assume they will try to do one more class for this year.
  9. if you pass the tests you will be interviewed. i recommend dress to impress.
  10. not her. i saw her again on the train.
  11. there's a girl in the class at hillside now. she was riding one of my trains, she asked me about air brakes because is is confused and having a hard time the differences between equipment. i helped her a bit. i hope she passed.
  12. air brake is no joke. its a lot of information on things you don't see often or have no clue what and where it is located. some are not mechanically inclined and will have a hard time absorbing all the information. yes they try to help you in the review as much as they can but there's so much the instructors can do. my personal experience it also depends on the instructor. its a good thing they have air brakes now before ticketing. we have ticketing before air brakes so when its time to study air brakes your brain is almost shot. it sucks but a lot have difficulty on air brakes than the book.
  13. when i was studying for the s&d, it was very hard to get started with the signals. they all seemed the same in the beginning. what i did was laid all my index cards on the table (by rows) in the order they were in the packet. then i stood there and looked at it. i saw a the difference and it kinda had a pattern. that worked for me, in my experience. 2 weeks before i qualified i ws writing the whole whole thing everyday, aspects and indication. if your hand didn't hurt from writing you may not be doing enough studying.
  14. sorry i don't. i would assume end of summer.
  15. i heard 3 more classes for this year. a total of 6. WOW!
  16. for the guys who passed s&d, always remember to check you email. i believe HR sends email. You don't get a phone call. good luck.
  17. this guy have no clue what he's talking about. good luck to you bro. you just don't have what it takes to get through probation and give your best to qualify. yes qualifying is hard but like you said they give you 7 tries. if 7 tries is not enough for you then the problem is you. i did it with a lot of responsibilities (family, mortgage etc.) i was with my last employer for 23yrs and it was worth switching careers. i made the sacrifice and with the support of my family and friends we are now enjoying what i worked hard for. yes it is not for everyone. your life will change but it get better the longer you stay. job is so easy and they are not out there to fire you. all you have to do is show up on time, do what you are supposed to do and then go home. you don't take any BS home. sorry you felt differently but don't give any negativity to potential AC's if you haven't gone through the whole thing including qualifying. to the newcomers: please disregard this guys post. there are no easy tests. qualifying is hard but over 1000 guys did it. hours are crazy but it gets better with time. again, nothing is easy in life. hard work pays. this guy just what it easy. keep dreaming dreamer
  18. the overview is the day they inform you on what you need to do/study and they will give you the materials you need. all your questions will also be answered on this day

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