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  1. i have not deferred transit for now, retiring from verizon next year.
  2. I received an offer for a permanent position scheduled a medical for nov 22 2017.
  3. yes I believe it was 2608, I called MTA job hotline still no info avail. I think I was robbed by the mta
  4. Part of the new MTA contract all provisional workers(temps) have to be let go and replaced with qualified people that passed the cival service exam. It has now been 4 years since applying 3 years since practical exam, 18 months since getting a grade and list number(#14) still not any contact by MTA. I was told the list has still not been activated for hiring. God bless NY
  5. Well this was a waste of $65. Called hotline 3 years after test and they still haven't hired anyone
  6. I received my grade and list # today, 18 months after taking practical. I got a low list number I don't see how I wasn't called for provisional work.They grade your practical test and then average that with your experience and education score. 18 years with verizon and only a 70 for experience. Good luck 2 all. Please let us know how it goes for anyone that gets called.
  7. I have been waiting 7 months for a grade I have not heard if I passed or failed practical. I have 18 years with verizon I am pretty sure I passed so how do we find out.? has anyone gotten a grade?
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