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  1. I was in Livingstone may 29 I got hire my list number it's on the 500 and I start training on June 16.
  2. They called me today. I have to report to 180 May 29 so I can start my second physical exam which would be a hearing test and Eye vision. youngnycsubwayfan I'm around the 500s
  3. @duecedrives that's a good update for this page. I'm in the 540 list number hopefully I get called for my medical soon so I can get my start date
  4. No they won't effect him he can still work he just have open cases with lawyers for the injury that happen to him it's a lower back injury
  5. I have a question one of my friends it's also in the same process for exam 3101. But he has open cases of injury from he's last job would that effect him from getting hire?
  6. Yea hopefully i would b in June. I have to b there may 16 at 7:30am
  7. Just got a call from the NYCtransit to redo my drug test.
  8. @duecedrives yea hopefully by next month. Are u also waiting to b process
  9. @duecedrives oh ok because I went to the first part on feb 27 and I have get called for the second part. My list number it's 500. Last time I called they we're up to 290
  10. @duecedrives ur brother in law got called for the hearing test and eye exam?
  11. @ic78 your welcome. I also did the first part in February 27 and I haven't get called. List # it's around the 500. So lest see how fast they start calling ppl
  12. @ic78 nope I didn't do mines there because I did it on my own I was a helper for Budweiser so I did everything with Budweiser for free and got my class A. But there's a lot of ppl that I know from Budweiser that did it when this guy and he's pretty good. U can pass first road test it's up to u if u put ur mind to it.
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