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  1. I say at least 10 new guys that I seen at Caselton this morning reporting for line training look like our seniority going up.Also on the way to depot I met a guy at DD that just started his day 3 today.How is your line training.
  2. Good luck to every one who is taking the road test tomorrow
  3. That mean when they ready to put you in class they will call or send new pre employment package
  4. Just got a word 12 more ppl made it on day 9
  5. So far 24 made it on day 7 all riding in the same RTS
  6. Yep Jamaica depot at 830AM congrats to you and all who made it today
  7. Good looking out day 5 and 6 was good no comments from supt looks like 1 guy is going to day 9&10 me and 2 other looking forward to day 7
  8. Yep the only thing that make that hard is to find that cars that trying to squeeze from evry side. We came to do the pillars at around 1230 it was prity busy
  9. I am good training out QV with Sup tender Giamo Shes very cool we did L turns today on verey tight streets and then I drove half way back to depo we got one guy with permit only in the class so far I am doing good and how is yore training going?
  10. It took me 3 months to get call back for final processing and I am in 119x start training tomorrow first appointment was march 26 2014
  11. Steve you have two phone numbers on the bottom of the pre employment letter call them and they will let you know your options.It may be hard to get true use two phones like I did it will get you true very quick . Good luck
  12. if you have out of state license then they check your record for past 3 years if is NY license they check you record for last 18 months the reason they need an abstract for out of state drivers is to conform that they meet the 3 years license requirements
  13. Drivers license CDL permit US Passport and or Green card if you are not a US citizen and your social security card . If you had any previous conviction then bring court deposition
  14. I am from Staten Island The p The pre employment package have all insruction with it
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