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  1. Yes u guys have plenty of time to get your uniforms focus on learning the job and keeping it.After a while as soon as your tour is over your going to take that Mta shirt off when riding the train home!lol
  2. @OFlow when I came out they messed my whole class order up ! Lol
  3. @OFlow they might not get there proper uniforms for a min! I see a new guy who's didn't get his uniform yet and he's been out for about a month now! They will get the beautiful boots! Lol
  4. @kyce34 the practical isn't hard just keep studying your instructors will prepare you for it. Get some paper/card board make a MDC hang it on your wall and practice ! This will help you a lot !
  5. Anyway u guys enjoy I am on my way to work another day on the rail road today's my Friday 2 trips and I am done ! I embrace the newbies I remember waiting for school car then starting! Your gonna have good days and baaaaad days! Your gonna get screamed @ by passengers @ looked down on by coworkers don't take anything personal ! Get your money$$$$ & make moves! There are a lot of opportunity in transit! I am about to take promotion for Train Operator! Any thing u guys need help with hit me
  6. It's real but it's a great job! You guys won't have a life until you pick you will make money! Your gonna be @ the bottom of the list so that mean u might be anywhere! If u live in queens u might start in the Bronx, if you live in Brooklyn u might start in the Bronx ! Don't take it personal everybody went through it! As far as school car study listen and learn! Everything is gonna be referred to the school car! The school car way! Keep it school car! Your instructors want to see you make it! The only way u won't be successful is if you don't keep it school and screw up! Your gonna be on probation for 365 days ! Keep it school car are you will be jobless !!!!
  7. It might take 3-4 times before they get your uniform size correct lol! As far as the training relax and enjoy the school car experience !!!! It's a different world once you actually get starting lights by yourself and run you express instead of local and you have 50 passengers asking you 50 different questions then you run into a door problem @ your next stop and control is asking you what's going on ! It's real a very interesting job! You will see!
  8. Don't worry relax get your mind together for school car enjoy the rest of your summer Exactly@postal1 I agree Exactly postal 1 I agree
  9. They are hiring a lot of CR ! Lot of people are retiring a lot of you still have a chance What did u guys score with a 3xxx list #?
  10. If they are hiring it's very small classes. It seems like they have too many conductors.Hopefully the older timers will retire and everyone waiting will get a chance. B div. Yesterday I was on the L,
  11. Congrats welcome aboard hopefully the old timers will retire so the OT picks up
  12. Congrats welcome aboard.The classes are going to be smaller they hired to many conductors.
  13. That's our next stop bro!!! TRAIN OPERATOR!!! Yea that's crazy ! It will be ok! Bro !
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