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  1. That would be the case if they were were all going to pick into the other Manhattan depots but here's the issue with that. SOME of them are going to stay in Manhattan so that they can keep their runs but MOST of them are going to other depots (Brooklyn and Bronx) I already heard of 60 drivers that are going to the Gun Hill depot because they live in co op city. So now where does that leave their old runs? All of us probies and drivers with low seniority in our depots are most likely going to get bumped out and who knows, we may be thrown into Manhattan.
  2. Trust me you don't have to worry about any of that. Just do what your superintendent teaches you. Your friend didn't get his cdl with mta so his test was different then how yours will be.
  3. I went into the 10 day training without an ounce of cdl experience, I had my permit, and prior to the training the biggest vehicle I drove was a Chevy Tahoe and I qualified day 7 and passed the road test on the first try. All you need to do is pay attention to the advice and criticism you receive from your superintendent and reflect on it each day. As far as "getting used to the air brakes" that's what days 1-5 are for, you can mess up a little on those days and trust me it's more than enough time to get acclimated with the bus. My two worst days were 1&2 of course because I was still getting used to driving a big vehicle but after I had a pretty big f**k up on day 2, I mounted 4 curbs, I sat down and thought about why it happened and thought about what my superintendent told me I was doing wrong and I got all sats for the rest of my training. So my opinion is to not go and waste the money on the lessons because you'll have more than enough time to get a feel for the bus. Hope that helps
  4. I know that there was a couple of people that resigned before day 10. Good luck to the class that started today!
  5. 4 more people passed so there's 40 of us in total
  6. No problem bro I'm just glad we all made it! @Dre I'm 22
  7. Na I spoke to him, he qualified today as well
  8. @pilot4u wassup man, am I seeing you at rts training tomorrow?
  9. Nice! Every one on my bus can qualify tomorrow. Let's hope for the best and stay in those mirrors!
  10. @pilot4u @tone718 how was day 6? Pilot I saw you behind the wheel earlier lol
  11. Congrats @youn2074. 6/29 class how are you guys doing after day 4? Those El pillars were a lot easier than I thought they'd be!
  12. @tone718 @pilot4u how are you guys doing so far on day 1?
  13. I'm thankful lol. The earliest are the people going to MTV, they report at 0600
  14. I'm training out of Kingsbridge, I report tomorrow at 0900
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