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  1. Do you have or know any more info on staten island transfers I put mine in in oct 20 when I was at Zerega... I can't wait any longer lol ... I live in staten island and work in mtv I drive in everyday it's not that bad ..45min to hour max door to door
  2. Hey guys I been on the job about 3 months now and just got my call from sanitation.... I don't no what to do lol what job would you take ???
  3. Hey guys , I was in the 10/20 class off 2613 been on a little over 2 months now.. I was forced to west farms depot out in the Bronx and I live on staten island, the traveling gas and tolls are killing me, I have had my transfer in since day one and waiting on it to happen is killing me, does any one know and status or updates for the Staten Island transfer list or any information. Thanks in advance
  4. Hey guys I finish line training on Tuesday and graduate on wens day , they just put in another class but it was small only 23 or so ...just to give everyone an update ... Feel free to ask any questions...
  5. Qualified today on 7 heading to Jamaica queen for a few days for RTS training !!!!!
  6. Training is going awesome my instructer is a very good teacher and has a good style to him which make its much eaiser and less stress full , I'm just praying and hoping me self and 3 others all qualify for day 7 then off to line training !!!
  7. I will find out any information for you guys and keep you updated with what ever I can !!!
  8. It was all good today we where in the class room and did paper work , I'm training out of Flatbush It was all good today we where in the class room and did paper work , I'm training out of Flatbush
  9. Hey guys is there anyone starting traing tomorrow at zerega at 7am ?
  10. Question about training class at zerega for oct 20th Is it Monday - Friday 7am -3pm everyday for 2 week or does it change ?
  11. Got my start date of 10/20 at 7am what type of attire is needed ?
  12. She called me today final processing Thursday morning 8:30am. List number 18xx pretty sure start date is oct 20 unless they changed it... Did any one else get the call and if so where do you live ?
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