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  1. Get ready to sit in that bus for 3 days doing nothing. You will drive once for like 20 min and that's its for those days
  2. For all those starting training soon. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrrors. Move your body back and forth scanning your mirrors. Keep your 4 ft from either the cars or the curb. Always block your right side. When your ready to turn slow down, line up the curb with the pole on the inside of the bus and then start your turn. If the turn is acute line up your bumper with the curb on your left and then start to turn. Push and pull! Memorize your pre trip and alsaps! Watch for the blinker before crossing the light. If it blinks slow down and don't risk going through a yellow. It's the same as a red for them. Backing up and parking is easy just take it slow. Make sure to see your back tire touch the ground and and your two blinkers in your flat mirror on your right. Don't ever use the convex curved mirror. Call out everything you see, even the squirrel behind your bus. Watch for pedestrians, bicyclists, cars that fly out on your right sometimes and don't get nervous. Think about your every move! Always forward plan! Good luck to all!
  3. I qualified yesterday and I start rts training for the next two days. Everyone on my bus qualified.
  4. So far so good. Next week Manhattan and hopefully we all qualify. Nervous as shit but it has to be done. El pillars are not as bad as everyone thinks. Parking and back up are also not bad at all. The pivoting on the bus is something you need to get use to but otherwise just listen and watch your every move!
  5. it consists of more paperwork, a survey on their computer about your past(y/n questions) and health history, a hearing test, they take your blood pressure and weight, then they take your urine for sugar, blood and other things not drug related that may indicate health issues, then they do the EKG and finally you do your vision test. once thats done you see their doctor he listens to your lungs, makes you stand on one leg/then the other, he makes you squat, walk on your toes/heals, checks your throat and decides wether your qualified or not. you take the paperwork back to the front counters and you do your interview, take your photos for your id/ and you do fingerprints and photo again. then your done. they give you your pension packet, life insurance documents and a whole bunch of other paperwork for the union and they tell you when to report. I'm sure it will. if your healthy, and you don't have anything to hold you back then theirs no reason for it to be any other way. thank you youngNYCsubwayfan! how do i find that post #3038?
  6. thank you! I'm a little nervous for the training even though i have my cdl for many years now but i guess it is what is!
  7. Hey, everything went great. I start training on the 12th. i came in @ 7:06am and was out around 2.
  8. Didn't you take the second drug test already?
  9. Just got the call to report for medical Dec 31st!
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