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  1. Day 0 - At Zerega, you fill out 19A paperwork, start your permanent record, sign initial depot transfers if you want to work out of Staten Island or Queens. You will get your depot assignments for Days 1-7, as well as your passes.

    First day of orientation they give you your mta id which is a metro card photo id pass. Good for train and bus. If you live in westchester your pass is good for metro north if you live in l.i. ur pass is good for lirr 


    Day 1 - Pre-trip inspections, learning the airbrake test, "L" turns, getting to know the bus. (The one freebie day)

    Day 2- More "L" turns, hooks and acute turns

    Day 3- Bus stops

    Day 4 - "EL" pillars, parallel parking and straight line backing

    Day 5 - Driving in Upper Manhattan

    Day 6 - Driving in Lower Manhattan
    There was lots of traffic, definitely, especially on Park. The turn at Union Square definitely is easier than what people make it seem. If you start turning when the bumper gets to that curb (like you're supposed to), you'll clear it real easily. The nose of the bus will go into the right lane but that's supposed to happen. If you are waiting to make that turn and keep crawling up past your reference point or move up because there's cars on the left side of the bus and you're trying to clear them and go through the gap in traffic, you'll will 100% pass the reference point and either luck out because there's nothing parked on the corner or have to 

    Day 7 - First qualification day

    Day 8 - Re-training day if you have to go to Day 9, otherwise equipment training

    Day 9 - Second qualification day in Upper Manhattan

    Day 10 - Last qualification day out of Zerega

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  2. Swing room lawyers LMAO. 


    OMG y'all r killing urself.  my husband is local 100 MTA BUS DEPOTS COLLEGE POINT 10 yrs  


    Take u n ur letter n find out from the source. Good luck. FYI I know for sure they r processing OA right now my nephew just finished medical

  3. Local 100 depends on Wat Depot. My husband is MTA bus out of college point.  I'm OA local 100 my classmate went to MTA bus JFK she's amalgamated


    Everyone thinks they know everything. Get your answers straight From Livingston st. Or zerega.  

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