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  1. Does anyone know how the parking is around Jamaica?!
  2. Just found parking! ???? thank god alternate side parking is suspended!
  3. IronboundNJT THANKS I will definitely remember this going in training!
  4. Congrats....I start training Monday.... Very nervous Are you in the 1/26 class?
  5. Update...just spoke to hr and they told me if the ticket was due to a mechanical issue then it is ok if it got repaired within 48 hrs...so i was able to get an invoice from my mechanic today so the ticket was dismissed
  6. Thanks I already have my start date for training tho
  7. Thanks dre......I'm stressing I got pulled over last night for failed to signal but I did signal the cop was just being a real a**hole. I'm gonna fight the ticket....I had 2 witnesses but I still have to notify mta. Should I tell them now or wait til I get to Zerega?
  8. Good morning, does anybody have the number to employment section at 180 Livingston?
  9. Congrats! I start training on the 26th and I'm so nervous but im an excellent driver...the size of the bus is just a bit intimidating. Did u drive to Zerega? If so how is parking?
  10. Thanks! I'm done I start on January 26 ...I have to report to Zerega
  11. Just passed my medical! Waiting to be interviewed now????
  12. Just got my call for my medical....have to report on Wednesday at 7:30
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