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  1. I been in training as provisional ci for weeks now. I heard they havent established the list yet. And they need about 175 new car inspectors
  2. Romeo1982, your score is high! Im in 2**. Anyway i got the provisional position today.
  3. I got a call to come in for interview for temporary position. If i fail the following exam on august, can they kick me out? Or will they keep me as temporary?
  4. I will apply for #6612. Hope i get in this time
  5. Some people started getting mail for interview. I have not received one. Should i wait more or apply for next one?
  6. Thank you slowfire69. somebody told me if they start hiring, you could go to HQ and get hired fast. Dont know if thats true or not. I just wanna get in and start working.
  7. Took the exam on 5/29. They told me the result will be out after october. Does this mean they start hiring frim october? Im getting anxious cause im unemployed now. Should i get a temporary job until they call? I wish they got me some details on hiring period. K
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