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  1. Hi Carlover ! When did you take a practical exam?
  2. MTA starts to call for interview of Temp Hire after practical test from last week...
  3. Hello Everyone, Is there any people get interview schedule about 6612 temp hiring after practical test?
  4. I also got 6612 practical test on Jan 12.....
  5. MikeSni, They are only looking for your english abilities. That is it !! Good Luck !!
  6. Hello, I got the letter of probable permanent position as a CI on Nov 30 but I missed this appointment because of I received this letter today. can I reschedule this pre-employment process? And havng interview ? or just drug/alcohol test?
  7. Hello everyone, I've got beginning of 300 score CI. Can you guess when they going to call me? I got a test for the 6612 CI. And MTA call me to take a interview for TEMP job. I am waiting for the letter for about that but not sure they going to give me a chance to take both interviews. What do you think about this?
  8. Banana, Did you take a CI #6612 multiple choice test ?
  9. Hello, Anyone knows when they having plan to take a practical test?
  10. Hello, Anyone knows when they start to interview of 5610 ?
  11. I've got too but that was only announce about sending test result by mail. That was on 9 am. I failed interview for temp job of 5610. I got mail of test result that said placed my name on eligible list. Is this means they going to give me a chance to interview again?
  12. Hello, Happy New Year 2016 !! Is anybody knows the direct phone number of Division of CAR INSPECTOR ? Thank You.
  13. Is anybody get the result of 5610 practical test? Or anyone knows why that is so delayed?
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