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  1. Reviving this topic for this reason: http://carsandtrains.com/calgary9/ A link to some photos of our new LRVs the Siemens S200.
  2. Wow such feedback. Thank you everyone! I've let my friends know about your suggestions and they will decide on where to go. I would of joined them this December, but with the lack of money and no job... well you know... I will be sure to visit NYC very soon hopefully.
  3. I will mention that I am not from New York, I am from Canada, so I know very little about the subway. Hopefully my questions can be answered. So some friends of mine are visiting NYC this December, and are transit fanners. They will be spending most of their time rail fanning, and bus fanning too. They have some questions about the R42s as they want to get some good photos and know when they run and on what line. They want to know where to find R42s, when is the best time to find them, the best place to find them and when, and some good spots to get photos. I appreciate your answers!
  4. Berlin is okay for fanning. There are quite a bit of videos of the U-Bahn on YouTube.
  5. I can confirm that JR and private railways (Keihan, Keikyu, Keio, Odakyu to name a few if you didn't know some) are fine with photography and video. I was never told I wasn't allowed because there are many railfanners in Japan (quite a lot actually) and therefore it has become quite normal. No one riding on trains and on platforms were bothered by it, so Japan is an ideal place to railfan. While I have been to Paris (on a school trip actually) and have ridden the Metro there, I'm unsure if the rules there are okay with photography. From what I know, railfanning there is pretty rare. From what I can assume, railfanning is okay to an extent. London's subway network (including overground) must be okay with this. I have seen a lot of railfan videos on YouTube. Plus the railfanning community in the UK is pretty big so people are aware about it. Buses there aren't really strict from what I've heard. I can assume it is okay since there are some who do busfan. As for the rest, I do not know. I have a feeling in Hong Kong they might be okay with it as well as in Singapore. Don't quote me on this speculation.
  6. Some recent images taken: Siemens SD-160 #2323 Siemens-Duewag U2 #2022 And as a direct comparison to the Siemens-Duewag U2 in Edmonton: ETS Siemens-Duewag #1019. Refurbished by Bombardier in 2012. (An Edmonton Transit System Thread will be up soon!)
  7. Well, they were in pretty good condition when they retired. Personally, I like them better than the XD40s. The fishbowl was an iconic bus, and I'm glad it was operating until 2013. It surpassed generations to bring back the past.
  8. http://www.bigdoer.com/12086/old-things/they-live-calgary-transit-gmc-fishbowls-in-2013/ Edit that, 2013.
  9. Here are some images from last year: This is #1046. The last remaining GM Fishbowl that was in service. It was last used in 2012 when the entire fishbowl fleet was retired and scrapped. #1046 is painted in the early Calgary Transit livery (prior to the red strip/coca-cola livery and the 3 stripe livery). This is the last one on transit property and is under preservation for news events and Doors Open (a weekend to see behind the scenes of city facilities not open to the public, call it a transit behind the scenes tour). The GMC plate on #1046. Interior of #1046. One of the newest buses in our fleet, the XD40 fleet which replaced all the high floor buses. Prior to the arrival of these buses, our fleet included GM Fishbowls and MCI Classics.
  10. The U2s are pretty much unloved. Calgary Transit just keeps them running and operational, the interiors are old and smelly too. Edmonton's U2s were recently refurbished by Bombardier, I can try to get a photo of the interior if I can (I'm heading to Edmonton next week). We are getting new LRT cars in the fall which will replace most of the U2 fleet.
  11. Okay, now since I've seen some TTC posts, I might as well give the prairies the same treatment. This is for Calgary Transit, the transit system in Calgary, Canada. I might refer Calgary Transit as CT (not to be confused with Community Transit). I was born in Edmonton, but don't remember as much from there, but I might do one for Edmonton as well if I can (and some help from the Edmonton locals here on the forums!) Calgary Transit serves the city of Calgary and is operated by the transportation department in Calgary. The system is made up of bus, light rail transit, and BRT. The bus fleet consists of 945 buses (not including shuttle buses) which also includes BRT. The LRT or known locally as the C-Train (not to be confused with the C Train Line in NYC), spans 2 lines of 58.7 km or 36.5 mi of track. Power is drawn from overhead lines (panto-graphs) and most of the line is separated via right of way. The C-Train is the only system in North America to be 100% powered by wind-energy, making it the greenest LRT in North America. 2 more C-Train lines are in planning, including the North-Central LRT, and the SE LRT (or SE Transitway currently). Now for some images of the system (images were taken by me): The oldest C-Train car, the Siemens-Duewag U2, built in 1983-1985, from West-Germany. This model is also used in Edmonton, Frankfurt, and formerly, San Diego. The more newer cars, the Siemens SD-160, built in 1999-2001, from California. This model is only found in Calgary. The low-floor equivalent, the SD-100 can be found in San Diego. The updated look is shown below. The updated SD-160, built 2008, from California. This variant can be found in Calgary and Edmonton. A low-floor model, the S70, can be found in San Diego. 7th Avenue, dedicated to transit. The C-Train runs on the road in downtown, giving it a sort of streetcar vibe. It makes the C-Train quite interesting. An SD-160 at one of the downtown stations. The platforms are raised, not low-floor. 7th Avenue is a good place for rail fanning really close to the trains. Shuttle bus. Nova Bus LFS, delivered in 2010. One of the newer New Flyer XD40s, built in 2013/2014. Not uncommon to see buses running on 7th Avenue. Buses and trains share the road. It's quite awkward when you think a train is coming, but it ends up being a bus. One of the numerous New Flyer D40LFs. Calgary, along with Edmonton, has a majority of New Flyer buses in their fleets (especially Edmonton). This is the right of way for the C-Train in action. The middle car is a Siemens U2AC. The U2s have DC motors while the U2ACs and SD-160s have AC motors. This car along with another like this make up the only 2 Siemens U2 AC cars in existence. An interior shot of a Siemens-Duewag U2 #2011. More photos will come soon!
  12. I am a photographer of aircraft and transit! Go on my flickr, i have quite a bit of LRT photos. https://www.flickr.com/photos/123324005@N06/
  13. Hello everyone! I'm CalgaryTransitNYC. Hope you don't mind someone from Canada! I have taken much interest in New York (particularly the subway). Seeing as I'm from Calgary, the only trains we see here are LRT, and freight. I'm also considering a trip to New York in the near future. Glad to be here!

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