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  1. Ok so I used to take the NICE bus (those who take that bus will know) and I noticed that their busses have built in GPS and automated announcements.. The bus would detect the street and say what stop Is next. Some NYCT bus drivers don't announce the stops and who knows how many people get lost or don't know when it is their stop. I feel that there should be Automated Annoucnements so we can avoid this problem. Preferably on SBS or maybe the new busses in the future. I liked the idea because whenever the bus would be at the street it would announce the stop and would also alert people.. Would be beneficial for the Elderly or those with not so great hearing or vision. I feel that they should implement such system on the newer NYCT bus fleets like the artics , and future ones to come. What do you guys think? Like for example, if the Bx12 stopped at Fordham plaza, the announcement will say "Third Avenue-Fordham Plaza, Transfer, Bx9,Bx15,Bx17,Bx22, Bx41 Select Bus Service and BeeLine bus: 60, 61. Connection is available to Metro North"
  2. Well of course not every bus should have a LTD section, but I'll have to admit some bus routes are very long in length with 35 or even 40+ stops without a LTD counterpart. And for some riders who rely on these busses it can spell frustration for those long trips.. Especially if it's a bus with high ridership, For example, seeing as I work by Riverbank Park and live in the Bronx, near Fordham and Southern I have to take the Bx19 from home to the last stop.. Post your opinions? What busses you feel should have a LTD? If any?
  3. Now I take the Bx12-+SBS+ to get to the 4 or D train at Jerome avenue or Grand Concourse and every SBS I've been on there has been no agents. Some people know this and abuse the privilege while everyone else pays their fare like they are supposed to at the machines. Why is that? I always pay my fare at the machines, but I find it unfair how on the SBS people are hopping on it like its a free bus and people are paying at the machine wasting fares while evaders get basically a free limited-like ride. I feel there should be more agents. Are there any at all because I've only seen like 3 agents out of all the SBS I've taken. There needs to be more security, makes no sense to me. This is just my opinion so no need to bash if you disagree. I like the idea of SBS but it's easy to evade fare due to lack of enforced security.
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