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  1. Don't get too comfortable at your depot. My husband originally picked East New York depot and was there for a few weeks. Then they did a random re-assignment and assigned him and his whole class to the Tuskegee Depot in Manhattan. He's been there since and has to remain until probation is up in October. Luckily, he likes the depot and is used to the lines now.
  2. Stepurgame I wasn't in training. My husband was. I used the board to help give him some tips. However, the training wasn't easy. I can say that you must listen to everything your instructor tells you. Remember to look at your mirrors. My husband says they wanted him to check his mirrors every 3-5 seconds. Every day you are given a report that tells you how ur day was and it will tell you what u need improvement on. Take heed to what it says and implement it. Don't underestimate the size of the steering wheel. My husband thought he had this in the bag. But once he got behind that wheel he realized how big it was. From then on he went in with a ready to learn mindset.
  3. Hey, Meesh, what depot are u at? Are u graduating on 12/2? My hubby is at ENY depot and he graduated the 2nd then was told that he will get his own bus. Member D how was training? Did you qualify??
  4. mtawife, yes he is. He didn't have to sign any paperwork stating he's forfeiting job elsewhere.
  5. Drop11412 my husband said TA people can only work in Queens and SI and they have to stay there., BUS people can work at any depot and move around if they want. He is BUS. My husband also said that, for new hires, you most likely won't be working days for a while. You'll be getting 6pm and after. Night differential starts at 6pm. For new hires it's .98 more per hour. At top pay its $1.42 more per hour. mtawife, thank you!
  6. From what I know since they won the raise a year a two ago, the entry pay rate is 22.25 per hour. Also, he was scheduled for the road test next Thursday the 12th. So atleast he has a week of line training before the road test.
  7. I'm not sure what was needed to sign if any. Just that they informed them of depots with openings and eny had 8 slots and he chose that. When I get home I'll get more info. His current starting pay is $22.25 per hour.
  8. Just an update. Monday my husband learned how to drive the newer model buses. Yesterday and today he was at zerega for HR paperwork and orientation. Today he was able to choose his depot. He also got first check today. So payday is on Wednesdays. He chose East New York. Tomorrow he has to report to East New York for line training. I know there was a question earlier on about line training and not having CDL license. So I think this may answer you all question. You can start line training if you just have your permit. My husband only has that. Good luck y'all!
  9. Day 7, Your driving in lower Manhattan. Your implementing all that you've learned from day 2-5. Remember you have to be satisfactory on day 6 also. If your not satisfactory on day 6 you will not move on the qualify on day 7. It will be considered a regular training day. Then Day 8 your assigned a different depot and instructor for training that day. Then day 9 is another qualification day.
  10. He was told before training start that it's best he doesn't work his other job Incase he gets hurt. If he gets hurt then he would have to possibly give up his chance of working with MTA.
  11. If you fail day 6 and 7(you need to pass both to qualify on day 7) you take a training on day 8 with a new instructor and day 9 is a qualification day. Driving in Manhattan. Putting all the training you had from day 2 and on in to play.
  12. My husband qualified today (day 9). Monday he goes back to Zerega. Will have more information then on what's next(whether he's going straight to DMV road test, or line training and then DMV road test).
  13. No, sorry I should of updated. Day 1 was. But when he was assigned a depot, the hours were from 8:30 to 4:30.
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