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  1. Are any of you guys aware of the existence of this bus? https://cptdb.ca/topic/7176-belleville-transit/?do=findComment&comment=739334 Apparently it was built as 8092. (The first one as I'm assuming MTA has another 8092) Belleville doesn't have shields in it's system but it kept the MTA one. They had to shave the screen to fit the farebox in though.
  2. Ok, are there any bus operators here? What are your feelings about the newly installed bus operator shield partitions? There's been quite a few stories the past few months of BOs being punched out and slashed with a knife even tho they were sitting behind the partition. What are your opinions on the usefulness of the partitions? Do you think they are going to have to redesign them to cover the driver's area completely?
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