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  1. Unfortunately reasonable work hours will never happen until you're in for 20 years...at least from what our instructor told us. You're on call right after your shift ends and once they call you, you have to be at that location within 3 hours...sucks not knowing when or where you're gonna be from day to day.
  2. In all honesty I don't have enough time to dedicate with a 2 year old and another baby on the way soon. It would decimate my life and my families lives. Maybe if I was 25 and single. Also the fact that if I failed out of Phase 2 I would be left with no job which is scary considering I have a mortgage and family etc. Too risky. The only pro for me is the money but I can't base my career off of that. I currently make decent money but obviously not as much as an engineer. I guess I considered my family life versus money. I don't want to look back in 20 years and miss out on family memories. Holidays with my family etc. It reminds me of that movie Click with Adam Sandler. He fast forwarded through all the great memories with his family and found himself old and regretted it so much. I don't want to go through that lol. Don't let the money potential blind you! You live once and money can't buy happiness. That's the way I see it. I'll stick to my IT work Monday to Friday with almost no commute and enjoy my work/family balance.
  3. Wish I could tell you....I dropped myself from the program
  4. Its DieZel..lol... I assume you meant "paper"....its basically a sheet long paper about not being able to drink while on the job or while off the job and wearing MTA clothing or something to that effect. Just read it over a bunch. I only knew like 1 of the rules on there as I wasnt sure why I was even reading it and then they asked me what I remembered from it...Doubt its a big deal but cant hurt to remember as much as possible for the interview. I think one of the questions they asked was what do you do if your train gets stuck in between stations..Its all scenario stuff...nothing too crazy Oh yeah and they do ask about the job description...they ask what is the role of the locomotive engineer.
  5. You will be interviewed by an HR rep and a foreman. They might ask you how you would handle certain situations such as killing someone, driving train during inclement weather etc. They will also have you read a paper before you go into the panel interview and they will ask you questions off of it. Negative. Not necessary.
  6. To anyone who might know the answer, should I focus on the Book of Rules that I received via email for day 1 of Phase 1 or should i refresh my S&D knowledge? Whats more important? Again, I am a bit rusty on the S&D but Book of Rules seems daunting.... Thoughts??????
  7. HR said they would email the information but I still havent received it... Have you BiggBurns?
  8. yeah I can still remember parts of each definition but not the entirety. The signals are memorized in a week or so originally. Not worried about those.
  9. Yeah and they just reposted the job again. I applied for shits and giggles... I am assuming they are way behind on people for the training classes. At this rate, you might get a call in June, LOL.
  10. Thats great...I guess I will start to review again The signals are cake...just forgot most the definitions. And my interview was also April....8 months to hear back...CRAZY!!!
  11. I just got a call as well @ 9:10AM from HR. I asked what it entailed and she said eye exam to see the signal colors and also ability to climb and enter the train. Anyone know what else is expected? Do they do a full medical work up, hearing, eyes, drug test etc? Or is all that when you pass phase 1 and get hired? Also, Its been like 6 months since Ive studied LOL. I honestly lost hope when I didnt hear back from them after so long.
  12. Does the MTA prefer to hire if you know someone or do they prefer it if you don't have any connections? Just curious because I have a different interview for an IT spot and I had to fill out a family disclosure form.... Thanks
  13. Less than a month for me. I got all my paperwork in ASAP. The HR person I always dealt with was Lucille Marino.
  14. Yep, almost 5 months here... At this point I have accepted my fate lol. Just wish they would let us know what our status is besides "youre in a candidate pool".
  15. Congrats. When was your panel interview?
  16. WOW 4-5 months is insane! Seems like the odds of getting in are extremely slim. I appreciate them putting me in a pool of candidates I just wish I knew definitely if I was getting in at SOME point. The unknown is annoying and frustrating. Don't think I would apply again if I didnt make it the first time around.
  17. So it sounds like every 2 months or so there is a new Phase 1? I honestly don't have a good feeling about getting picked. I haven't even been studying my definitions. Very frustrating process this is.
  18. Good stuff. Was anyone else there for a medical physical for phase 1? Did they mention when your class would start?
  19. Relax guys. I doubt it's a lottery. They are probably just fitting people in to the next classes based on how well they did on vocabulary/cognitive/exam/interview etc. just have to wait and see what happens. Pointless to worry until you actually get a call saying you didn't make it. Relax guys. I doubt it's a lottery. They are probably just fitting people in to the next classes based on how well they did on vocabulary/cognitive/exam/interview etc. just have to wait and see what happens. Pointless to worry until you actually get a call saying you didn't make it.
  20. Nothing here. I emailed HR to get an update. They stated I was in the "Phase 1 candidate pool" and my application was good for 12 months. I guess they just pick people from their pool? Not sure exactly what this means lol.
  21. Index cards...Read the definition a bunch of times, then try and look away and recall the information. I read up on how to memorize and apparently we memorize better by using our recall ability. Try and recall a few words at a time then look at the definition when you have to..before you know it, you will remember the whole sentence. I found it easier to memorize the longer definitions for some reason and I had issues with the short ones, lol.
  22. I had my panel interview the same day as you I think. April 8th?
  23. Wow that's awesome. At least someone heard something. Congrats. Did they say when the actual phase 1 was starting? Any other details? Thanks! Also, I thought the physical and medical was after you pass phase1? Why would they give you those exams if you may not even pass it?
  24. I'm surprised it's taking this long for people who had interviews in January. I was reading up from last year when Dreynce only waited 2 months. I guess he maybe just happened to be in at the right time. Let's cross our fingers.

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