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  1. Not hard at all it's basic nothing to even think about This job ain't for everybody me myself I'm already second guessing if I'm going to stay here or go back to my old job idk how much longer I could take going back and forth on a train different hours every week I have lost 15 lbs since I started a month ago barely get to see my girl and kids. I salute all the ppl that been doing this for over 20 years. I'll make my decision by the end of the month.
  2. Got two days on the road alone already been going real smooth so far.
  3. Just passed my midterm and yard practical
  4. Thanks qnzbound made me relax a little more
  5. Qnzbound I'll be done with school car in 1 week so how was it the first time alone in a customer train
  6. This forum went dead that means everybody is caught up in school car
  7. Hey MrMta I'm with you. Tomorrow 11 hrs down there.
  8. Thanks Qnzbound. One more thing do we need to take any of the the 3 books we got when we were hired the first 3 days?
  9. What goes down the first three days at 195 montague? When did you guys get issued uniforms?
  10. Thanks guys. Now have to focus on school car. It's good that everyone that was active on this forum has been called or is about to be. @Jma do can't really think of anything now. It when I do I'll ask thanks. @Ammo I'll check them out on my lunch break thanks. @tdevon hopefully we start together gen 27th
  11. Tdevon what does medical evaluation consist of?
  12. Just got a email to go in for medical and final processing tomorrow I'm being considered for the February 27 class
  13. Tdevon I was number I was the 8th waiting this morning. I came in for my third drug test they made me fill out the application again. How about you since you were in for medical?
  14. This explains why I got called for my 3rd drug test on Friday
  15. @tdevon this would be my third drug test. I'm going to take my 21 page booklet just incase the guy got confused and Friday is my medical as well
  16. @tdevon2012 how many drug test did you take?
  17. I just got called for another drug test for Friday
  18. It sucks man they been toying with us since August lol
  19. Is there a test coming up for car inspector or signal maintainer coming up soon?
  20. I've gone to two pre employment just waiting to see if I get the third.
  21. you would think they'll call the ppl for the cleaner job in the same order. So we basically took two drug test for nothing.
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