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  1. Anyone working in this position? Any news or information you can provide would be great. What is the process after your called in? Are there any exams that are required to take to maintain your employment? How long before becoming permanent and union member? Thanks and good luck to all.
  2. Any information on structure maintainer C? Is this a long term permanent position or short term? I got my list number and offer to start class but went with another opportunity which unfortunately did not work out but it was worth a shot. I am still eligible for this job. Just need to reinstate my name on the list but not sure how long before next class. They already did the preregistration and drug test so I guess half the battle is done. Just a matter of putting my name back on the list. Thanks for sharing this information. Very helpful. Also I am waiting on list to be established for conductor exam 6601. Would becoming a structure maintainer be a problem if I decide to go with conductor?
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