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  1. 3 open houses with at least 100-150 ppl per house and at the open house Linda Oliver said there are only 72 positions available.. Sigh. I can imagine how many ppl applied to the posting. Just to be invited to the open house is a task in itself much less to secure one of those 72 positions. It's like playing the lottery here. She also said you won't get rich working for the railroad but you will live a comfortable life. I honestly wish everyone the best.
  2. I beleive in the open house they said that if you have color blindness they don't eliminate you immediately they send you out to do some field test and this that and the third. So it's not an automatic dismissal. Nah it didn't change its still blank.
  3. It's funny cuz I asked other ppl the same question you are asking for the previous 7 positions I have applied for. However, I truly believe that it has mostly to so with some form of luck in the sense that the qualifications are so low but the applicants are so much. It is rumoured to be in the thousands (possibly 10,000) for the Assistant Conductor position. Reason why I say this is that I am sure most people have miles long of customer service and some form of college like myself. Nothing special . Just put together a quality resume apply for every position you are qualified for and hope to get a response. I have been applying for the last 3 months and just got an email. Some other guys been applying for years to no avail.
  4. Say no more my friend. Thanks a mil! Seems like it's more of how many u get right rather than finishing the whole test.
  5. Thanks drenyce311. I'm taking the entrance exam at hiberian hall next Thursday. I read that the math and vocabulary are a joke but what did you think of the cognitive? Is it a brain buster? Someone also said that if you have half a brain u will pass. Can't afford to fail this early in the process. Lol.
  6. Anyone going to Hiberian Hall on Feb 23?
  7. Thanks drenyce311 for a logical answer. I'm guessing it's the stand from 10 feet, put one hand over one eye and read the snellen eye chart type of thing...I know you may not like to discuss salary over the forum which is perfectly fine but ur paid phase 2 training without quoting figures was it 70% of your top pay or something different?
  8. U got jokes. Sigh.... How about a factual answer. Thank you for your time anyway.
  9. Hey guys, Been a lurker for some time. The posting was opened on Feb 2, 2017 and I applied later that night (keep in mind I have been hounding the website every single day for the past 3 months) and received an email from HR Feb 10, 2017 the same day the posting closed at around 5:11pm being invited to the open house on Feb 23, 2017 7:30am SHARP at Hiberian Hall in Babylon. This is my 7th position I have applied to in 3 months for the LIRR and finally got a response. I actually teared up when I received the email at work because I want this so badly. For people who took the medical already, what are the vision acuity requirements they are looking for? And also, what exactly do they test medically and physically for? (If I make it that far). Looking forward to the ride (pun intended). Will keep u guys posted.
  10. Does anyone know what the vision requirements are for the locomotive engineer trainee or assistant conductor trainee?
  11. Yeah same here. Some of the applied status have been removed from mine as well don't know what that means. And the Assistant Conductor position was open from Feb 2 to 10 that's 8 days down from the usual 14 days guess they received all the applications they need in that short space of time. However, Metro North just opened a Conductor Trainee position today and it closes in 5 days. My question to anybody who made it to their compensated training, how much do they pay you for that training period. Just want to have an idea.
  12. Thanks guys, I teared up when I saw the email. I want this so badly. Bottom line is that you got to keep at it. Will keep you guys posted.
  13. Hey The Saniter, Guess its luck of the draw. I have applied to 6 positions since October of last year including Locomotive Engineer Trainee which I previously mentioned. Haven't received a response for any of them but the 7th position I applied for was the Assistant Conductor Trainee on Feb 2 when the positioned opened and received an email today (Feb 10) at 5:11pm when the post is about to close for a test invitation on Feb 23rd (I swear I check that MTA website every single day up to 5 times as well as my email since October). Im currently a 27 year old minority who would love to start and finish a career at the MTA LIRR. Shout out to drenyce311, been following your progress as we have the same drive to succeed. Hope to make it through to the end in one piece.
  14. Same here. Every opportunity that is presented in which I meet the qualifications I apply for. Since October until now I have been through 8 applications including the current Block Operator and Assistant Conductor Trainee. Lets wait and see. I wish you all the best in the Locomotive Engineer Trainee program. Hope to be apart of the LIRR soon.
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