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  1. I check my Email daily about 5-10x a day. i NEVER got an email regarding "if I'm still interested for the T/O gig". OF COURSE I AM! LOL. But, nope, no email! Crossing my Fingers still. I really hope they still want to hire even after Post-Covid
  2. those who, like me, are # after #2000 will never be called................ we just wanna work so damn bad...
  3. honestly bro......i wished i got called. I'll be working. making money. sure it's a risk....we can die, we can spread it, but with a mask, this mitigates the risks. But i rather have money than starve to death. but this is just me personally. i don't think we'll ever get called man. be safe man
  4. YES! exactly. Opioids is a no no! Don't risk it dude. Ibuprofen/ Tynenol does the job - so this might be a good idea for the time being if you're really in pain. And believe me the pain WILL go away. I'm pretty sure if it's prescribed, they will let you pass with the Doctor's Note, but the question is: Do you really want to risk it? Remember it's much easier for them to REJECT a candidate, so they can move onto the next candidate at lightning speed. This is the WINNOWING phase and they will use all types of reasons written in the rulebook to check people off the List. Good luck to everyone! Let's keep our hopes high!
  5. Dude. 1) thanks for your service. military & Vets rule. 2) you're a VET! Take it like a man. you don't need the pain killers 3) I've had all wisdom teeth yanked out, some bone taken out from extractions too - no pain meds. you can do it. 4) don't risk failing the pre-med for this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME CAREER just cuz of tooth ache! GOOD LUCK!
  6. oh i gotcha. ok. yeah it's kinda discouraging to see your number in the 4 digits. i got a 25xx. sucks....... i hope the wait isn't longer than 1 year.
  7. So they never called you or mailed you for the Conductor / Sanitation even after 4 years??? good luck on the T/W exam!
  8. Oh a question. If there are Gaps (both small and big gaps) in your job history....... do they NOT LIKE that? Will you get disqualified for lack of work for a few months to a few years?
  9. Hmmm. To APPEAL or not to APPEAL. is it worth appealing just for 3.3333 points?? I mean.......really......
  10. 60 only? wow. i would thing it's in the hundreds, due to attrition rates
  11. Hi guys and gals - sorry but these are curious questions not related to the EXAM. But i was thinking how it could be fun and informative to ask here, because most people here are aspiring T/Os like me. Maybe we can share stories that we hear around, with each other? And also hopefully take our minds off from the Exam while we wait for the list! 1) Are you guys worried that T/Os get lung problems working underground for decades? I wonder why T/Os don't wear masks? 2) What have you heard of the culture of the MTA / TOs? Professional setting with the occasional jacka** or is it like highschool with all the alpha-ism and bullying? 3) is the failure/turnover rate 50% or more in school car? It seems like that from what i've read in the forums. Does this stress you out or does it motivate and excite you more?
  12. Wow guys I'm pretty bummed out. It's GREAT to hear some of you getting letters in the mail. But I haven't gotten any. I got a 93/94 as I remembered. I suppose they don't go down the list in order of Scores??
  13. wow this thread is quiet now. still no word from MTA! scored a 93-94 if i remembered correctly. I assume they start with MTA employees, then go down the list from 100. I would think they would have gone to the 90s by now! I hope they CALL us, would be bad if they just email us and imagine that thing went to Spam mail and we deleted it.
  14. so we pretty much have to wait say.....2-3 years? maybe 4-6 years for a call back??? LOL
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