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  1. That you have at least 20/40 vision in both eyes, uncorrected. If you have glasses, you should be fine.
  2. I didn't pass the medical due to my vision, which is "monocular". For all those who started class on 1/10, good luck! keep me in your memory
  3. Anyone know how the Vision medicals are performed, or the minimum requirements?
  4. Test is in less then a week. Feeling confident after pouring plenty of hours into studying. The days are starting to feel like forever, I need to take this test already.
  5. My man, thank you for replying. I don't want to psyche myself out by overthinking some of the definitions but I've been hammering away at all this materiel. I just gotta keep polishing up everything within this next week. I do appreciate the insight.
  6. Test time is due in over a week. I'm finishing up the last 20 definitions this week which I should have down pact by Thursday. I have this weekend and the rest of next week/weekend until test time. Any tips on finalizing my review of the materiel? I was thinking of making mock up tests and performing a practice test (hand written, obviously.) to reinforce the materiel. Any other suggestions people did for the last week before test time? thanks!
  7. Hey all, I went to the S&D Overview on Oct 2nd and now I have the test on the 6th of November. What were everyone's study habits? I'm personally studying 5 definitions, and 10 signals a day. Then I'll review my flashcards at the end of my night. I'm curious to know the study habits of those who passed the exam. Thanks!
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