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  1. Good luck to everyone starting a/c class tomorrow. Enjoy the first 3 days of orientation because you’ll have no life for the next few weeks once rules class begins on Monday.
  2. Yes, you’ll get paid for attending orientation.
  3. Thank you. I’m excited to finally get started.
  4. Cleared medical!!!! I couldn’t be more excited for 1/9. It took 7 days to clear.
  5. Thanks for clearing that up. I have boots that’ll work for class so I can hold off a few more months before I have to purchase new ones.
  6. Speaking of safety shoes, should I bother purchasing new black safety shoes/boots before class begins or should I stick with my current work boots until (God willing) it’s actually time to start working trains?
  7. I was told to wear comfortable clothes, jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt.
  8. Sorry, I should have been more specific. Yes, it’s only a urine test but they’re strict about the procedure. They make you certify that your specimen container kit hasn’t been tampered with, you have to wash your hands before you can even touch it and you have to initial your specimen when it’s all done acknowledging kind of that you witnessed your urine’s chain of command.
  9. I went for my medical. There was a physical fitness portion which consisted of climbing up and down a latter a few times, stepping over a third rail and walking down a little section of track, pulling a weight 3 times with each arm and bending a hose(I think maybe a portion of train brake hose) 3 times with each hand. That part took less than 10 minutes. There was also about 4-5 pages of paper work to fill out, an eye exam, a hearing test, ekg, blood pressure, etc..... The drug test was very strict, I’m sure that’s the norm but I’ve never had to take one before. I was out of there in a little under 2 hours.
  10. Hope to see you in class on 1/9. I started the flash cards again this week. I haven’t hit the definitions yet but the signals are coming back to me.
  11. I passed in May and my medical is scheduled for the week of 12/10. I should be in class with Cdima on 1/9. I haven’t heard of any other class dates yet.
  12. Not medical, but my background check was completed 2-3 weeks ago.
  13. That’s a fair system. Thanks for the info.
  14. Does anyone know in what order individuals are placed on the roster when their in the same class? It seems like a tough break to be number 24 and have 23 of your classmates ahead of you.
  15. Glad to hear it. I wrote Linda back confirming I’m still intrested so hopefully she’ll send the sterling link soon so I can get going.
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