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  1. No, they didn't call me. I was there on April 26th
  2. Call the number for 180 Livingston street, I can't remember what the number is. Ask to speak to someone from exams for hiring, to find out about your list number
  3. It was for the permanent spot for car inspector. They sent a mail saying to come in for processing for car inspector. But then, they said there wasn't any vacancies available for car inspector, to disregard the letter, but come in for processing still. They said there's vacancies available for road car inspector, if interested, else wait till car inspector vacancies become available
  4. The list has been established. Good luck people
  5. I got my results for car inspector exam 7615. I was wondering if anyone else got their, or was told to go in for medical
  6. You'll just have to wait. I also didn't get my results for the exam yet from last September. I was there for the open house too, did the drug test, and still waiting to hear back from them. They said they're still waiting to get approval to hire us
  7. Hey, do you have the link for the data or the list. I want to see what it says
  8. I Think There's a hiring freeze. I was called in for provisional last year. Did the drug test and was told I would be contacted within 90days. That was well over 8 months ago
  9. Just a quick update. I haven't heard anything from mta since i did the drug test for the temporary position. I did get an email saying I'm scheduled to take the practical for exam #7615 on April 9th. So far, i haven't seen anyone else post anything about exam #7615
  10. Try the passbook. Even though there's no study material, it may still help. Just Google the questions you don't know. The passbook will give you an idea what to expect. Hope that helps

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