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  1. Basically they dont want to offer you employment if you owe the city money and as long as the ticket pending there is a possibility that you will owe the city money which in their eyes means you owe the city money. So either way unless you choose to defer till after July it's best to pay. I believe you have to bring a reciept with your name on it showing that you paid otherwise your trip to Livingston will be a waste.
  2. One small correction. The vision is only offered by the Union. There is no TA offered vision plan. The emblem plan offered by the TA is only a alternate dental plan. Check out the union offered dental through Healthplex first if it covers your needs it probably the best option as it is free.
  3. The reason people ask questions is because there are 80+ pages to wade through. There's no need to get rude and insult people. This post is about the TO exam 7604 and all questions pertaining to it and the hiring process. Currently in school car now. Overheard TSS's say there will be no October class but that afterwards there will be a new TO class every month after that. If that is indeed the case people should be getting called for medicals soon. Because the list was just established they will be calling people from the top of the list. Keep in mind everyone already in school car will be skipped. Anyone who failed the drug test will be skipped. Anyone who gets on medical hold will be skipped. So just relax. They will right back to where they left off before the list was established within a month or two. At the end of the day people are getting bent out of shape when they started calling from this list way earlier than anticipated. These tests are supposed to be taken and forgotten about. I took two drug tests and cleared a lengthy medical hold so I know the headaches of getting called then waiting. It will come when it comes. That being said passing school car is going to require a good amount of teamwork as well. There will be times that the same questions will be asked numerous times. If you can't learn to respect each other and help out when you can school car is going to be that much more difficult. This is coming from someone who doesnt need to be in this forum anymore but doesn't have any problems seeing alerts if i can help people out. Keep that in mind. The attitude you give is the attitude that people will use when considering whether to help you out.
  4. This is not totally true. No one who took provisional positions or even completed school car were removed from this list. I am on this list and and in school car now. All it has done is adjust current school car peoples list numbers. Since division picks have already been made those adjustments will probably only affect future divison picks and vacation picks. No one is removed from that list because its more for public record. As for those who deferred or havent been called, they will begin calling again from the top of the list skipping those in school car but including those who deffered according to their new list numbers.
  5. There may have been people at the top of the list who chose to defer starting until later whether for vacations, work, or possibly to wait for the list to be established because they didn't want to start as provisionary. Some people were also put on medical holds that they possibly couldn't clear until recently. Different reasons for them starting from the top.
  6. Quick question for those already in school car, how long did it take for your access to kick in for the site where we get boots and if there were any problems who did you contact. They told me it takes 24 to 48 hours after being sworn in and I still have 1 day more to wait out since it didnt work in the 1st 24 hours but I want to be proactice just in case.
  7. Doubt they will do medical the same day as drug test. If people fail the drug test they are out of the process. They won't waste time doing a medical on someone without the drug results first as least it doesnt make logical sense. Considering they lock your urine samples up you have to figure at least 24 hours to get results back especially since existing employee random tests get priority. The fact that they are being proactive after recertifing peoples drug tests is a good sign though. It means they must want to start a new round of medicals soon and probably want enough candidates to process in case anyone gets put on medical holds.
  8. How many days of school car training are spent at ps 248?
  9. Not really. First day of preemployment was May 11th which means those people have until August 9th if you count the first day.
  10. Hey did they mention anything about the August 13th class being filled up yet?
  11. Hey guys anyword yet on whether the august class is filled in yet? Also does anyone know what the night and weekend differential is?
  12. I believe they said at orientation that as long as you speak with them, your name just goes back to the list in your list order. The only issue I see with that is that if the list gets established you may move up or down on the list based the final count. But since they said that your list number from your letter is probably like 99% accurate if you do move it shouldn't be more than a few places up or down the list. So using that logic anyone with a notice who's list number is between 1 and 120 should be fine for getting into the next class if you can't start on 5/29 because each class is 60 people. So if 1-60 accept for 5/29 you are right there in the next batch for a possible July class of 60 people. Your odds are even ok if your list number was above 120 because a lot of people got weeded out for driving tickets and or not having documents they need. Tack on possible failures of the drug test and they could probably go up to the 150s or higher when it comes to either may or july class. I am just speculating but it makes sense to me. Again, i just worry about leaving my current employer in the lurch.
  13. I'm in the same boat. Don't want to screw over my current employer but don't want to pass on the opportunity either.
  14. Wow. That would be a really short and quick turnaround time for people to start the pre-employment process, then the medical and drug testing this Friday. It also gives them no time to send out offer letters. That's assuming anyone going in tomorrow would be offered the May 29th class. Possibly means they would be in line for the class after that. Anyone know which of my assumptions would be correct?
  15. Hello, I was wondering what the scheduling for school car training for train operators was? Is this something that is scheduled during regular intervals through out the year or is this a class that is created as the need arises for more train operators or as new operators are hired?
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