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  1. My interview was over an hour! But that’s because the lady and I began conversing about my old job, her story, etc etc.... she was awesome! And before I knew it over an hour had passed.
  2. I’ve been trying to contact Ms.Vargas at HR but she never answers and hasn’t returned my call. Does anyone have an email for someone at HR? thanks
  3. Don’t worry about it. As long as you read your stuff and pay attention. You’re golden. I got a 100 in my midterm and I believe I got 100 in the other official tests. Mind you the midterm and yard practical I did with excruciating pain. Checked myself to Er that evening I got home. It’s not hard good luck to all and thanks for the check pick up info
  4. So after my midterm and yard practical I had to be hospitalized three times. Been out until further nothice since May 2nd. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pick up my last two checks and they tell me they were sent to bk but they don’t know exactly where. Does anyone know where this location is exactly?
  5. Little bird told us today there’s a hiring freeze and no more class for a long time.
  6. There’s 30 people in my class. 20 A and 8 B. Good luck to all and be patient.
  7. Have not heard anything regarding a new class.
  8. I’m in the 123xs. I have no info about future classes, sorry.
  9. Who do I ask for when calling that number?
  10. I’m already sworn in. I start school car April 1st. 1347-643-8299 is the number I called, that being said I was under the impression it school car was strictly M-F. I guess I won’t be able to work a shift at the restaurant during school car.
  11. Today I tried calling 180 Livingston to inquire about how to notify transit I want to work Saturdays while I’m in school car but they didn’t answer. Does anyone have an email or phone number of a person that can assist me?
  12. Yeah the HR lady told me if wanted to keep a shift at my current job once we finish school car, I would have to notify transit. But I wasn’t sure if I had to notify them if I planned to work oneshift during school car .
  13. If I want to keep my Saturday shift at my current job while I’m in School Car do I have to let transit know?
  14. To those that already finished School Car, what can we expect to bring $$ home weekly or bi-weekly once we are on the road? I’m trying prepare mentally and financially for the pay cut in the first years 🧐
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