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  1. Yeah the HR lady told me if wanted to keep a shift at my current job once we finish school car, I would have to notify transit. But I wasn’t sure if I had to notify them if I planned to work oneshift during school car .
  2. If I want to keep my Saturday shift at my current job while I’m in School Car do I have to let transit know?
  3. To those that already finished School Car, what can we expect to bring $$ home weekly or bi-weekly once we are on the road? I’m trying prepare mentally and financially for the pay cut in the first years 🧐
  4. What boots do you guys recommend or are we limited to which we can pick?
  5. Quick question: what’s the website where we order our boots?
  6. Got sworn in today! Good luck to you all!
  7. How do you guys commute in crazy snow storms if there’s no public transportation running? No cars on streets?
  8. Any chance the office will be closed tomorrow due to weather? Would hate to commute in the morning only find it closed.
  9. Yeah this Monday. I hope it’s not an all day event like the PE.
  10. #12XX , just email for medical this Monday
  11. Does anyone have the phone number to the testing office? I want to call to make sure they have my correct email. I’m list 1239 and haven’t received a medical email even though at PE they said we were being considered for June or July class.
  12. When did you do PE? List number? I’m 1239 and did pe on the 24th of May. They said we were being considered for June or July
  13. The lady at the PE on May 24th said we were being considered for the June/July class.... seems more like July
  14. For the pre employment will high school transcript suffice? Apparently my old school won’t be able to send out a copy of diploma before Thursday

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