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  1. Me as well. I have alot of different ones that say that from last year til now and nothing. One big waiting game I guess. 😮
  2. What is the the # for HR? Would they be able to tell you if you are on a waiting list to even start with? We all know they have millions of people so I'm not even sure if that is possblie and really what are options are but I wanted to ask this anyway. Thank you
  3. I do understand what you are saying, I have the same questions as you. I guess every spot is different in when they start calling people. I check this board everyday looking for your answers as well to see maybe I missed something. I know down the page before you hit apply there something written down "In addition to meeting the minimum requirements of the position, the selection process may include, but is not limited to a pre-screening assessment (i.e., physical, written and/ or practical evaluation) and interview. Candidates forfeit further consideration in the process if they fail to participate in any step of the process when scheduled. Make up dates/times will not be given. In addition, LIRR employee applicants must be in their current position for the 12 months immediately preceding the close date of this posting and must possess a satisfactory work history, including attendance and discipline record. A record of more than ten sick days without medical documentation in two of the last three years is considered unsatisfactory attendance. Not all qualified applicants are guaranteed an interview due to the competitive selection process. A medical examination, and safety sensitive drug/alcohol test may also be required." So I guess even if we pass the prescreening doesn't mean we all will get called. I would keep checking everyday and applying to difffernt things to make that change highter than what it is now . I wish I knew myself because waiting and waiting really sucks!!!
  4. We are in the same boat, i have applied for all different things this year last year ect ,I do have a good amount that say passed the prescreening as well but since there nothing. It's like waiting game to maybe be called(kinda like a waiting list almost) I'm really not sure what the next step is, I just keep checking everyday and hope they contact me through my email or a phone call. Thers are millons people like us and really no way to contact them to ask about your appliction so I'm guessing for now we all just wait and keep applying. There might be something else I'm missing as since we are in the same boat on what the next step is but here to something happending soon!!!
  5. That's bascially all they say until something changes. Honeslty , I recheck everyday and under all the ones that say passed the prescreening , they hasn't changed yet. Some are a year old, some months old amd some a few weeks old. It's all a waitiing game and praying the phone rings or an email comes. Best of luck and keep us posted.
  6. Thank you for all that, I thought the same thing it's all the waiting game and depends on things as well. Best of luck to you
  7. Hi my name is Denise. I'm new here and I was going through different things on this site and saw this and was reading everyone anwers to this. I'm in the same boat, I applied for the following and they haven been saying passed the precreening since 2017 up to now: Customer Service Ambassador (Passed Prescreening) 09/05/2017 7:20PM, Car Appearance Maintainer/Oiler(Passed Prescreening) 11/09/2017 8:13PM, Station Appearance Maintainer (Passed Prescreening) 04/16/2018 8:24PM and than again for the Customer Service Ambassador (Passed Prescreening)05/09/2018 8:11PM. I keep checking every day my application from the website and as well as any new jobs under the LIRR . I know the progress is long and I guess its just matter of being called and maybe timing but it's just hard waiting and watiing to see. I was laid off in end of April so I'm really praying something happens soon . I'm not sure what the next step is after passing the Prescreening as well so I guess we are all in same boad!! If anyone of you have any updates on information, that would be great.

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