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  1. And you will be able to do that on a T/O salary!!! Unfortunately you may miss some of your toddlers special occasions because of our schedule. It is a sacrifice...
  2. Prepare to give up most of your personal life over the next couple months. If you have access to the signals start studying them. You must know them word for word. 100% is required on both signal tests. Get used to not using your cell phone at all unless on a break. A lot of current vacancies we are filling are from cell phone and smart watch users while operating. 0 tolerance for that. A lot you us talked about the money T/Os make, there's a reason for that. Take the job seriously and you need to put in work in the beginning. It will pay off when get off probation in a year. Car school is more like booth camp than anything else.
  3. Are we required to fill out complete benefits enrollment forms on first day of HR orientation? Do I need to bring in documentation for spouse etc?
  4. I have the same question. I remember the interviewer saying to bring the bigger book on the second day. Not sure how we're expected to bring papers and books with nothing to put them in.
  5. Exit 50 of LIE. Will be taking the train from Wyandanch.
  6. That is correct. But it is still a transfer at Jamaica according to the July 21 to September3rd schedule. When I went in for processing there was a later 7:16 train that went directly to Atlantic, the new schedule doesn't show any direct trains to Atlantic terminal. If there is a weekend class I'll probably drive in.
  7. When do we get the golden ticket? The LiRR is not cheap!
  8. Your right. I'm transferring at Jamaica.
  9. Thanks, so good to know! I'll be on 430 train from where I am, transfer from Jamaica to Atlantic and take the D from there I think.
  10. I'm coming from LI. How tight is parking? I'm concerned about train delays and cancellations like the one on Friday. The interviewer recommended I drive in because of the "complexity " of the directions they gave us.
  11. No offence, but did you pass the drug test?
  12. So I just completed final processing. TOs are still being hired provisionally because the city has not approved the list yet. From what the interviewer said it's just a formality until the list is approved, no date as to when that will be done. Explains why no list has been published yet.
  13. I got called for final processing next week. I'm in the late 2**. August 13th class.
  14. Fair and seniority? Honestly, 95% of employees there couldn't care less. They act as if there doing you a favor. I try not to get caught up in their "politics".
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