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  1. If you see that your list number has been passed on here give them a call just to be sure.
  2. #70X After having to clear a couple of holds I was sworn in last night for January's class. Thanks for all those who have posted and for those who have answered my questions. Looking forward to this next endeavor.
  3. Congrats dude ! We were talking today for most of the process. Got caught up in a medical hold but will clear it up Monday morning. If there is any way you can DM me so I know what I’m getting into for the last step I’d appreciate it. Congratulations again👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  4. #70X Did pre-employment and drug test three times, I was part of the provisional call back group. Last PE/DT was 11/8. Waiting for medical email. I received a letter for the first and third, and an email for my second one.
  5. 66* to 70* so what happens now? Why did the numbers change? I'm confused.
  6. Hey, out of curiosity, have you heard anything new yet? List number 66* here
  7. Anyone in the 600's get called back from Medical?
  8. Thanks for the update, I'm hoping the same. If I hear different I'll post and let you know.
  9. Thanks, did you get any word yet about the medical?
  10. Sorry about that I meant I know I passed it. I don't do any kind of drugs. I don't know how to edit it. Good luck!
  11. Anyone know what list number they were up to? I did the drug test and the back ground mid June and I am waiting the "3 to 90 days" For my physical. I found out I passed the drug test. Thanks for any information and congratulations to those that are on! List number 6**
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