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  1. There is a phase 1 class starting today, but don't get discouraged you may be called for the next class!
  2. ok, thank you! Just curious, what is the schedule like during phase 2?
  3. hi all! I have 2 questions: What time and how long are the hours for phase 1 on Saturdays? What is the schedule like for phase 2 and are we allowed to take off? Thanks!!
  4. Good morning! Has anyone heard any information on phase 1 yet?
  5. Flash cards were a big help that's how I studied! Just have to study study study every day/night. You have to get a 100 on S&D and the definitions need to be remembered verbatim. Good luck!!
  6. Good morning!! Had my panel interview on 10/11. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to hear back from them? Keeping my fingers crossed!!
  7. HI everyone! Got the call that I passed S&D on Tuesday and I have my panel interview next month!! Could anyone give some tips and pointers? I read on here that they ask general questions and make you memorize some stuff before the interview. Is this still true? Good luck to everyone that began Phase 1
  8. Hi! Congrats on making it to Phase 1!! Would you mind telling me how long it took to hear back from the S&D exam that you passed?
  9. Has anyone heard back from the S&D exam on August17th?
  10. Does anyone know how many indications or definitions we are allowed to get wrong on the s&d exam?
  11. Hello! Has anyone heard back from the open house on 5/6/19?
  12. HI, did anyone hear back from the S&D exam on August 18th?
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