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  1. HI everyone! Got the call that I passed S&D on Tuesday and I have my panel interview next month!! Could anyone give some tips and pointers? I read on here that they ask general questions and make you memorize some stuff before the interview. Is this still true? Good luck to everyone that began Phase 1
  2. Hi! Congrats on making it to Phase 1!! Would you mind telling me how long it took to hear back from the S&D exam that you passed?
  3. Has anyone heard back from the S&D exam on August17th?
  4. Does anyone know how many indications or definitions we are allowed to get wrong on the s&d exam?
  5. Hello! Has anyone heard back from the open house on 5/6/19?
  6. HI, did anyone hear back from the S&D exam on August 18th?

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