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  1. Good luck to all! Took 2nd PE 6/27 (1st one was 11/27). During orientation the grey hair man in charge of training (name slips mind @ moment) said that if we where here then we should be getting called soon for july class. He admitted he’s not too sure and that cant be true based on knowledge available (currently up to about 1060 and im list #15**), but good news is they are definitely expecting an August class. And by then should be pushing low 1400’s. So i expect medical by fall and in there by end of year @ this rate. MTA gets their budgets quarterly thats why they never know too far ahead about classes, but things should continue smoothly barring any unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Just got the call as well. List #15** Will be my 2nd PE 6/27. Hopefully they pick up because multiple PE’s are tedious. My 1st one i arrived @ 6:30am & didnt leave till 7pm 😩 Whats the most PE’s done b4 medicals?
  3. Actually just knowing MTA is only in nyc i doubt its federally regulated. State regulated safety position for sure though.
  4. So I saw that nyc has officially stopped testing for weed when hiring. Do you think MTA has adopted to this policy? I see construction workers are excluded so its very possible MTA is excluded as well. Thoughts?
  5. Yea felt like we should have been paid. OT shift...
  6. Awww damn. Yea was def 1 of the colder days. I was lookin out for ya boots too thats the funny thing. Thinking if she still here i have no right to complain lol. And i hope your assumptions are correct, wouldnt make any sense to call us if they have no plans of swearing us in until like june/july. Im still showin up early next time, better safe than sorry
  7. Im number 155* and did my 1st P/E wednesday. I know ill be a while but i feel the need to chime in for those in the higher numbers since only 3 digit lost placements seem active on the post. From what ive gathered im looking forward to @ least 2 more P/e’s and a couple medicals. Im hoping for a march class honestly but would love yall imput PS - i was 2nd online and arrived about 5:45am and still didnt leave till 7! They dont go by ticket number so have patience! Thank god i brought my phone charger and a tablet. Caught up on a couple of shows I favor.
  8. Boy am i happy. Got the 1st letter to start the employment process. My appt is nov 28th and my list # is 155* I know i have a long process to deal with as far as the medical and psychical part before even being considered for classes but im patient. Especially since i wasnt expecting to even get a letter till feb/march. This is life changing so im all for it.
  9. Appreciate it cuz this stuff right here....CRAZY!!!
  10. My list # is 150* Has anyone close to that # been contacted?? Ive been patiently waiting but the way this is set up - triggers my anxiety! Even if they just start process id be satisfied....any clue to around what # on list they are up to?
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