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  1. Does train operator consists of lots of heavy lifting or is it mainly just operating trains? Cause requirements say required to lift I’m just trying to figure out what kinda lifting it is. I’m into fitness so it would be nice to get a pump in thru out the day.
  2. Ok appreciate the help I’m about to go measure my neck now lol
  3. Oh so that’s everything they do for medical? I was wondering what exactly they do, I’ll make sure to bring both pairs of reading glasses. Do they make you run on like a treadmill or something for the ekg test? And do you have to like strip down to boxers?
  4. Lol, don’t tease, as long as I get in I don’t care how long I have to wait. Besides if I already did one PE it shouldn’t be that much longer, def less than a year. Guess I’ll continue hearing plane engines a little while longer! 😔
  5. Congrats to everyone getting called, texted, etc. I’m list number 18xx, went to the first PE early December, hope I hear something sooner then later, I been with my job over 11 years but no pention, so I’m at the stage where I just wanna start a career and stay there the rest of my life until I’m ready to retire. Good luck to everyone that started and everyone that’s waiting to be called.
  6. I also see 5/7 by my name, fingers crossed it means something soon.
  7. Honestly what’s done is done, 19 years ago is a long time tbh, have you had a steady long term job since then? I would just be honest about everything else from now on, I’m with my boy who’s a t/o now, he said lying to them is bad but they are more worried about the drug test, traffic violations, and criminal history.
  8. Damm 2pm how the hell did that happen? The lab filled up quickly lol
  9. Went to p/e today list #18xx, reached over there at 6:15am got out 12:45pm. Was number 3 on the line. Word of advice, unless you like waiting, get there EARLY! From the moment you go upstairs, and is given your number your waiting Atleast 2 1/2 hours - 3 hours before your name is called. All mta employees are taken first. When your called they ask for your id, social security, and passport or birth certificate, and diploma. Then they go over your paperwork to make sure there’s no gaps in employment history, and everything is filled out properly. Then they hand over paperwork and you head over to take the piss test. Word of advice make sure you use the bathroom before going into the room to take the urine test if you really gotta go, cause once you walk thru those doors you can’t leave. And your waiting a lengthy time to get called again. Good luck everyone....
  10. How long were you in there Friday?
  11. Oh that’s not bad I was gonna uber there but I’ll drive instead and just park there thanks
  12. Damm, so they let everyone in at 7am??? How’s the parking situation over there? Maybe there’s a parking lot I could park in, and do they let you bring small snacks or water inside the place? Would appreciate any help
  13. What exactly do you do when your there? Are you just there standing around or sitting waiting to be called? Are you filling out any type of paperwork? Do they call you for the urine test right away? Or is that the part that your waiting there the longest for? I was thinking about getting there Atleast 5am
  14. Thanks for all the feedback this really does help, what exactly do they do at medical? Do you do some type of physical?

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