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  1. How can I check again if I’m certified or have a outstanding certification again?
  2. https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/transit/2020/02/27/mta-job-cuts Bad news as said from ^^^^^^^^^
  3. Damm this is very disappointing, I just wanna be a T/O already ugh......
  4. https://forum.officer.com/forum/local-discussion-groups/u-s-states/new-york/200732-tbta-5606/page149, you could find it in there somewhere
  5. I was reading the job description of bridge and tunnel officer, most don’t know it’s not only a collect toll position, you actually do a lot more, your armed with a firearm, you patrol areas, you make arrests, yes they don’t have any need for us to collect tolls anymore but a lot of people are retiring, and from what I was reading from another forum there’s plenty of things to do. I totally forgot about to exam to be honest when I got the letter in the mail I was shocked.
  6. Good morning everyone, totally off subject of train operator but while the majority of us are waiting to go in for second PE, has anyone taken exam 5606 bridge and tunnel officer back in 2014? They finally established the list numbers for those that took it. I would love either position to be honest, but I think TO would be the quickest for me cause I already done my first p/e.
  7. Man, I been with my job 12 years and I just retired from it, I’m taking this time to travel now with my fiancé cause I know once I start the mta it’s gonna be a minute before I get to travel. This process has been slow as hell but I know eventually I will be called, I have no issues so once I get called it should be a smooth process, I can’t do a job with no pension anymore, they just took a vote for the second time for a union and it failed for the second time, very disappointing, so I had a chance to retire from my job and I took it. I’m taking a big leap but sometimes you have to take a Chance in life! I’m so ready for the MTA to be my life long job.
  8. I’m not that far behind you, been constantly checking!
  9. My first p/e was 12/3 so I should be expecting a letter or email soon I hope, did they email you or call you? And did you know a week in advance that you had to go or was it the same week?
  10. Damm so I’m number 18** and did my first pre-employment in December, looks like they won’t get back to me for a long time. Was hoping to start this year, fingers still crossed tho hoping something changes!
  11. Does train operator consists of lots of heavy lifting or is it mainly just operating trains? Cause requirements say required to lift I’m just trying to figure out what kinda lifting it is. I’m into fitness so it would be nice to get a pump in thru out the day.
  12. Ok appreciate the help I’m about to go measure my neck now lol
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