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  1. Yes, there is a class set for October 28th according to Ms. Vargas at 180 Livingston.
  2. Hey BB, once you are in the Slack group, go into the general area and you will see all the posts about the different Kaka bags.
  3. I cant send DMs here because im still considered a new member. ALBMTA has to do it. He is a senior member.
  4. Can you also send me the link for this in a PM? I am interested. I appreciate this. Thank you. See you on the 26th.
  5. Do more people go for A division or B division? I know B is harder and more equipment to learn. I personally always wanted B division.
  6. You are right, I just had to wait a little bit. I just ordered my boots now. They are on the way. Im also going to look into that Kaka bag. I appreciate the info. Thank you very much.
  7. Hello again everyone. So for the T/Os who are starting school car on November 26th, remember we have to order our boots. I tried a few times and it says invalid account information MTA. Maybe it's still too early and I am not in the system yet. Has anyone been able to get in and order their boots? The paperwork says we need to have our boots by T/O induction on November 27th. Also, I notice it says no backpacks or wheel bags allowed in class. All I have is a backpack right now. Is there a recommended bag that meets the MTA guidelines? Do they provide the bag, or is this out of our pockets? If there is anyone in here that has been in school car, I appreciate any information you can give us.
  8. Congrats!! See you in School Car!!
  9. Today I was sworn in and will be starting with the November 26th class. Im am so excited. I always wanted to operate. Just want to thank you all. This group here is awesome and you guys helped answer so many of my questions and made me feel at home. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all. And for those still going through the process, good luck, stay positive, and ill see you in the trenches.
  10. So I have a home blood pressure monitor and I'm getting around 145/90 which is slightly high and considered hypertension. When the MTA doctor takes my pressure, are they going to consider that a medical issue if it's that high? I know my BMI is under 35, but very close. Right now with light clothes on, I am 220lbs, and my height with no shoes is about 5'7". That brings my BMI to 34.5. Do they weight you with all your clothes on? Do they make you take your shoes off when they measure your height? Even the smallest thing can have an effect on that BMI number. I'm just trying to get an idea of how they are testing. I'm right on the edge with everything. And to boot, my neck is exactly 18 inches. I always had a fat neck. Its a mission to find dress shirts that aren't too tight. Went through that all my life. I heard they make you test for sleep apnea if your neck is 18 inches or larger. Just curious, is it a home test, or do they make you sleep in the hospital? If anyone has more detailed information on the actual medical procedures, that would be awesome. I wish everyone good luck on their PE and Medical coming up. Thank you all for all the information and positive words.
  11. Thank you for this info. About the blood pressure. What does the MTA consider high? What is their threshold before they put you on medical hold? I appreciate the info.
  12. I just got the email. I got called in for medical on Wednesday, November 14th and I'm being considered for the November 26th class. I'm list 38x. That is awesome news. I see some of you also got called. Good luck to you all and hope to see you there!!
  13. Or they don't like us Bay Ridge candidates, lol. Thanks for the compilation of info there.
  14. Thank you for that info brother. That's exactly what I was trying to see. I did my pre-employment and drug test on Monday the 5th, and haven't received any email as of right now. It may come possibly any time now. Good luck again !!!
  15. Yea what a day. Im sure we spoke to each other at one point. If I hear anything i will let you know.
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