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  1. Like i believe that. I have had a conversation with every single person in class so obviously your talking garbage as well. No one in class talks behind my back im sure of it. This is my last post on this forum. Class is almost over and i will be on the trains soon instead of being locked in a classroom with all of you. Im not posting here anymore since everyone in this forum are donkeys. GOODBYE EVERYBODY! GOOD RIDDANCE
  2. This is the type of people that work for Long Island Railroad. Another typical keyboard warrior. The fact is you wouldnt say a single disrespectful word to my face. Your actually the one who started all of this.
  3. who is this bozo? you sound like a clown. If anyone sounds like a douche its you. Hopefully i dont work with people like you when i get out there. You sound like you belong in my class with the rest of them. I am not going to sit back and allow anyone to talk to me like this, i speak my mind and if you dont like it then dont read it. i dont care if your fresh out of class or have 25 years in. Save your posts and save yourself the embarrassment. Ill fill you in on a little something lappajj, you have any idea how many people out there are jordan fans? Your a donkey. im not the only jordan fan out there. Worry about your job not mine.
  4. This is very discouraging, my class is made up of a bunch of donkeys. We already had one person fail the book of rules test and now we are right in the middle of air breaks. One girl in the class literally broke down and was crying her eyes out over air brakes. I have never seen so many grown men so scared as these guys in this class. We do go out and look at all the stuff on all the different types of trains and i am at the point where i am super bored in class. If you just passed your signals and definitions test this past week think long and hard about working here as an a/c. All you do is study within a half hour of waking up all the way up until you close your eyes for bed. If for some reason you decide you dont want to to study for just one night you fall very far behind. When they say you will have no life you really dont have any life at all for years.So consider this a warning ac class sucks think twice before you actually take the job.
  5. This is coming from the guy who used the word “tool” LMFAO
  6. Uhmm ok? Do you have a clue as to what your talking about? I guess this is an inside joke between you, ironhorse, bull, and bp. Dweebs! Get a life! I bet it burns you up that i will be in the feb class and there is nothing you can do about it! Dont worry about me failing anything in class, im sure my iq is much higher than yours. I am here to stay so get used to it!
  7. I dont know why you guys are coming at me like this but its uncalled for. This is all because ironhorse couldnt take the time out to read a few posts before he gave his two cents. Everyone else should just mind their business. Dont worry about my career with the railroad! Im not here for any of you, i am here for myself! Thanks again fd87, it seems your the only standup guy in this entire forum. Thank you again for your advice.
  8. crying? im not crying, im the happiest person in the world right now! why r u such a dkhead?
  9. Of all the things you can say on here, you decide to say this? foh This was your true intention when you last posted. How can you want anyone to fail? And yet i am the bad person?
  10. Well if you would have taken the time to read ALL the posts, You would have read that i did reach out to linda today and im scheduled for feb 13th class. i wish you wouldve read whats written before you give any advice.
  11. I wanted to give an update. Thanks to the advice from fd87, i emailed linda this morning and told her my story. About 3 hours later i recieved a reply from linda asking me if i am interested im being in the class that starts feb 13!!!! I told her yes and then she replied with the link to start my background check!!!! Happiest person in the world right now!!!! THANK YOU FD87!!!! My family thanks you as well for the GREAT advice!
  12. ok i guess i will try to email linda or michelle tomorrow morning or both of them. Are you on the job fd87? if not what stage are you at in this process? did u pass sd test? when?
  13. I wouldnt even know what to say to hr? any suggestions? Thanks fd87 I dont know, i just dont see any point in giving my time to lirr when they have yet to contact me. I would imagine both the jan class and the feb class are full which means i wouldnt start class until march or april. Thats if they even have a class in those months. I honestly dont know what to do at this point. No offense to snoop but its pretty discouraging knowing people who passed in october are being called for feb class when i passed months before they all did. I dont mean to sound selfish at all but i feel the lirr skipped right over me. I wish i knew how the lirr does their selection process. I believe i scored pretty high on the sd test as well. Im really dissapointed at this point.
  14. i actually refuse to put anymore study time in until i know for sure im getting hired. I still have not recieved a single email from anyone at lirr and again i passed sd test in july! this sucks!!!!
  15. Nope, i never got an email do start background yet. This is making me nervous being i passed the sd test in july. Anyone have any idea whats going on? Is it possible to fail the interview we do after the sd test? Wouldnt i have heard something by now if i failed the interview?
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